Saturday, September 19, 2009

As Close to a Vampire As One Can Get

Hello and Welcome to my World!

I'm Linda J. Parisi. And yes, it's true. I've been as close to being a vampire as you can get, and I didn't even need fake fangs! As a labratorian for much of my life, I worked for over twenty years in a Blood Bank and have seen my share of night shifts. So I guess that counts towards a couple of pre-requisites.
My fascination with vampires began when I fell in love with Frank Langella's Dracula. I can still see the haunted humanity in his gaze, I still shiver when I think about opening my neck to those lips. But for years, paranormals were the step-children of the romance genre. So I put away my vampires and started working on their exact opposite--The Nobility. A race who sometimes struggles with the concept of being noble.

"In the beginning, there were two. One twin Evil and the other Good."

One sip from a meteorite-infused pool of water created the Nobility. And an Ancient Evil bent on revenge. That water has the ability to turn a human into a Noble, an ability certain to cause death. It is forbidden to be used by the Nobility’s most sacred law.
Tamara Duncan has just been made into a True Noble
and left with no memory of her former self. Nicholai
Valentin accuses her of trying to kill his brother and
destroy his House by using the Water. Is she part of a plot, or simply a pawn in something bigger than either of them can imagine?
Together, Nicholai and Tamara journey a dangerous path to seek the truth. Along the way they find deception and revenge have pitted House against House with a deadly purpose. As they try to find out why, they find out that trust is more than a five letter word. And they find strength in each other; a strength that will lead to love and more than they ever bargained for.

I can't think of a better place to be than here at Black Rose. I can't think of working with a better editor than Lill Farrell and if you all hang on just a little while longer, we're working hard on the sequel to Noble Blood. It's Alexi's story
called Noble Heart. Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite:

What was he driving at?
All of a sudden, Elena looked at him.
She saw the torch light dance in the midnight
of his hair. She saw the tiny laugh lines around
eyes that told her how much he truly valued life,
in spite of his careless attitude. Against her will,
her head moved closer to his. The sounds of the
party faded. Her heartbeat sped up, racing wild
as the wind. She could smell the spicy tang
of the desert mixed with his scent and a warm
glow grew in her belly.
Was this desire? True desire? If so, no words
could ever describe the sensation.
This was how a man teased a woman. But
shouldn’t she be trying to seduce him?
Did she dare?
How far could this go before one of them stepped too close to the fire?
His gaze caught and held hers. She’d never made love before.
They started walking. As soon as they were far enough away, Elena
whirled and threw her arms around his neck. Alexi’s mouth opened
in surprise and she took advantage. He groaned and his arms
tightened about her like two steel bands. His mouth engulfed hers.
His tongue ravaged the inside of her mouth sending shivers up and
down her spine. All of a sudden, he tore his mouth away from hers.
“I’m not a toy,” he reiterated, his anger like daggers.
Tears flooded her eyes. She’d insulted him again. With a heavy heart,
Elena realized she couldn’t learn everything from books.
They certainly hadn’t prepared her for a man’s wounded pride. Or
for a Noble pride. With a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach,
Elena knew the truth.
It was time to leave.
I hope to see you all some time soon. And remember, we love the chill with the heat. That's why we're Black Roses.


  1. Linda,

    Thanks for the kind words!!! I can't imagine the fodder for stories after working in a Blood Bank for all those years. And late nights...they really get the imgaination going (and going and going). Have to say again how great the covers are and how well they go together. We have such wonderful artists here at TWRP!

  2. Yey, Linda!! You did it. Noble Blood was a terrific read and I can't wait for Noble Heart! What gorgeous covers.