Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beth Caudill Author Introduction

I’m Beth Caudill and I write paranormal (and fantasy) short stories. I have one Black Rosette, Informally Yours, available at TWRP. While I enjoy reading vampire stories, my writing muse has not seen fit to give me one as a hero. Most of my characters are shapeshifters. At one time I wanted to be a veterinarian, so I’ve always been fascinated by animals. But that whole don’t like the sight of blood thing got in the way.

What animals do you write about? Well I’m glad you asked...while I’m partial to wolves I also have ideas for tigers, snow leopards, lynx, owls, seals, and dolphins. That covers the land, sea and air but let us not forget the imaginary creatures either: dragons, griffins, unicorns and pegasi. Like many other new writers, I have lots of ideas and very few finished stories. My new motto, with the kids in school, is: Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard. I hope to finish my first novel by March next year. You can find out more about my stories on my website at http://www.bethcaudill.net/.


  1. Nice to meet you, Beth! I'm partial to wolves also, but I've also written about lion and dragon shifters. I love the idea of a dolphin shifter!


  2. I think my love of dolphins goes back to watching Flipper on TV. Need to get around to doing more sea type stories.

    Problem for me is the howl of a wolf lores me more than the clicks of the dolphin.

  3. Beth,

    I love your motto!! It seems no matter how hard I try to keep that butt in the chair the outside world gets in the way.

    Griffins have always fascinated me, I think one would make a wonderful addition to the garden.


  4. Hi Beth,
    What is a Griffin? Never heard of it??? I too wanted to be a vet when I was younger but couldn't take the idea of putting an animal down. Also hate the sight of blood. Don't even know how I became a nurse.
    Best of luck with your writing and selling:)

  5. Lill - I'm trying to write more. I'm very slow and allow myself to be distracted. So trying to fix that. I have so many stories I want to write but well not many are finished. And you can't sell what isn't there.

    Jaclyn - A Griffin is half lion/half eagle. Body of a lion, talons and wings of an eagle...beak of the eagle although the head may be more lion shaped than Eagle. Depends on what the author wants. Spelling of Gryphon changes as well, several different kinds. Greek, Roman, Medieval history.

    Popular ones - One is mentioned in Alice in Wonderland and Mercedes Lackey has used them in her Valdemar series. You could probably do a google search and turn up lots of info on them. :)

  6. I have IY in my hard drive and I know I'll have time to read it sometime soon. I like my wolves... but I've written about many types of shapeshifters.

    That were-penguin we sometimes joke about would be fun as a spoof. Don't you think, Beth? lol

  7. Hey Catherine

    I hope you enjoy IY when you get a chance to read it.

    I do have my were-penguin story started. I just don't work on it very hard. It's supposed to be light and funny but well I can do sarcasm...trying to be humorous is hard. Or maybe it's just funny in my head. I don't really take the story seriously so I only work on it during my procrastination moments or when I get stuck.

    One of these days the editors are going to hate us because they're going to be inundated with were-penguin stories and then Rhonda will have a cow.

  8. Hey Beth, I love the motto too! So true! It's great to meet you!


  9. Welcome Beth! IY sounds like a great read.
    I personally am a canine lover so wolves are top on my list though I have access to ground owls in my neighborhood. They burrow and nest on the elementary school's fields and are awesome to observe. The come out at dusk and are so very beautiful.

    And as far as were-penguins, I'm game, LOL I love penguins as well and have read most all of Laurell K Hamilton's series where she doesn't leave home without her stuffed penguin.


  10. Hi Beth. Nice to see you here. I've written about a Main Coon kitten who shifts human and lion. But were-penquins...I just can't see it.

  11. J.A. Saare - Great to meet you two.

    Callie - Sigmund is so cute. Reminds me...I need to read the latest LKH book.

    Mickey - ooo that's different. I think the were-penguins are cute more than anything...I still see those penguin waiters from Mary Poppins in my head.