Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emerging from the swirling mists...

Hi everyone,

I am Lill Farrell, an editor here in the dark side of the garden. I’ve been with TWRP for just over a year now and absolutely love it.

I started out in the Hummingbird department and then did a bit of work in both Champagne and Faery before moving to Black. Like Callie this was a dream come true as the majority of the books on my shelves fall on the paranormal side of things. In fact I still have that email asking me if I would be interested in moving to Black (like there was any question?)!

It is an exciting time in Black. As Callie mentioned, we are rolling out our Got Wolf Anthologies next month. What could be more exciting than two wonderful collections of stories of sexy shifters just in time for Halloween? Just think of curling up in front of a fire, sipping hot apple cider and enjoying a full moon with our sexy heroes. In addition look for a celebration of that same holiday here on the blog. With so many diverse authors and editors I am sure there will be something new and exciting every day.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and welcome you to our corner of the garden, pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. And now I leave the door open for the next intro…

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  1. Thanks so much for telling us a bit about yourself, Lill. I remember your excitement well about coming over the the 'dark' side:) And I have to tell you I am so happy I asked. You are a wonderful and talented addition to this line.

    Isn't this great fun? I love blogging!

    Callie Lynn