Sunday, September 20, 2009

Erotic Shapeshifters are my style

Hello and welcome to the Black Rose author's blog.
I'm Tara Nina and I live to write shapeshifters with an erotic flair.
My last release with TWRP was the first in a werewolf series
titled Blue Moon Rising. Hopefully within the next few months the second
in the series Night Ranger's Moon will be released.

Missing children, werewolves and a mysterious castle in the swamps of South Carolina test Rae Richardson’s version of reality. Strange things happen around her convincing her that maybe werewolves do exist. The sight of a large black wolf in the swamp only fuels her overactive imagination. Crossing paths with a handsome man ignites a fire in her soul she refuses to acknowledge. Something about this stranger raises her suspicions. Did he have a hand in the children’s disappearance? Or was it the over-powering need in her gut to be near him the reason for her mistrust?

Nick Anthropos is on a quest, one that does not include saving children or meeting the woman of his dreams, his Lykoian soul mate. Her scent teases his senses and keeps him on edge. It’s obvious to him she doesn’t know her true self. But can he teach her to be the wolf he knows lies within her soul and save her from the very creature he set out to destroy? If he fails she would be lost forever.

Lykoian’s get one chance in life to bond with their soul mate forever.
Failure is not an option.



  1. Erotic Shapeshifters are my style -- you had me at your headline, Tara! Nice to meet you!


  2. Hi Tara. Looking forward to the second book. I really enjoyed Blue Moon Rising!