Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello And Welcome!

Hello, Everyone!

I want to introduce the new Black Rose Blog. This blog is an extension of The Wild Rose Press and managed by the Black Rose Line. It is monitored by the Black Rose editing staff and all contributors are either editing staff or contracted authors of the Black Rose line.

We welcome readers and authors alike. Black Rose is always looking for that special dark paranormal story, so if you've got one please don't hesitate to submit it. We love it dark and spicy but we also look for those sweet and dark tales. For more information about our submission guidelines please visit the TWRP and click on the "About Us" option on the horizontal tool bar. Also, both links are included above in this post.

For the remainder of this month please check out who's who in the line. First we'll have the editing staff introduce themselves and then the authors will give us a bit about themselves and their books.

Coming up in October, we'll be talking up Paranormal Month at the TWRP, how our favorite holiday came to be and who celebrates and how. We'll also have lots of surprises for you. Please don't miss a trick or treat. Why not sign up as a follower so you can keep track of just what is happening at all times.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.


Callie Lynn Wolfe
Senior Editor, Black Rose Line

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