Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introducing "Dink," by Melody Knight

Hi, Everyone.

I loved writing Dink! This is the story of Polly and Jot. Polly is our heroine, an expert on werewolves. That doesn't mean she believes in them! Hers is strictly an academic effort, until she is called on to consult in a murder case. The serial killer mimics werewolf slayings, but suddenly Polly is at a loss. The murder scene is far too familiar, like a nightmare she can't quite recall. Suddenly, she can't trust anyone, including herself.

Jot is actually James Oberon Trask, well-liked by his friends and co-workers, but not open to commitment. He has issues, the main one being the way he reacts to the full moon. Not only that, but poor Jot has found his Were side has completely different rules for attraction from his human half. Too often, at that "time of the month," his thoughts stray to a well-turned haunch and the diminutive form of a shapely chihuahua. When he's not moonstruck, he's horrified by the thought. When Jot meets Polly, he's attracted at once. When she admits she's a werewolf expert, he knows he should run as fast and far as he can. Only, Polly needs him, and he can't keep away!

I wrote Dink as "Melody Knight." I'm new to TWRP, but not to paranormal tales. Some of you may recognize me from other places. I've been writing for 13 years, and have over 40 titles published, as either my SF/fantasy/horror side (N. D. Hansen-Hill), or as Melody.

"Dink" is my first TWRP release. Watch for it in December, 2009!

Regards, and best wishes,



  1. Welcome to the Black Rose Garden, Melody. Best of luck with your newest release.

  2. Welcome Norah!!! I have to say I still love the humor aspect to this book, something that is often overlooked in romance, especially paranormal.


  3. This sounds so good...I can't wait to read this.

  4. mmm, love the sound of this, will check it out for sure!


  5. Sorry, I'm late! Question, does he shift into a chihuahua? For some reason, all I can picture is Skippy John Jones's invisible friends! LOL. Sounds like an interesting story.

  6. He's a shape shifting chihuahua? Am I reading this right? I have chihuahuas--My Brutis can be tough.

    The story sounds great. I wish you the best with the release. Nice to meet you.