Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing Author RENEE WILDES

I'm a new author at TWRP - finaled in the Got Wolf? contest last October. I hail from WI, and am a WisRWA member who's married w/two kids, two horses and a cat. In my EDL I work full-time for Tricare, have a son in flag football and a daughter who figure skates, and we volunteer every weekend at a local animal shelter. I love to read, scrapbook, and watch the PBR on TV. My favorite shows are Eureka, Castle, Bones & NCIS. I'm currently mourning Patrick Swayze - I bawled all the way through City of Joy, which is a fantabulous movie!

I love reading and writing fantasy and paranormal, because I love to wonder what else is out there. What hides in plain sight. I've met so many extraordinary people in my life, who were more than they seemed, who pulled off the impossible, that it was easy for my imagination to just take it one step farther. I'm a HUGE Joseph Campbell fan, and I love mythology. Those who create their own mythology truly are magic!

Shapeshifters are my favorites, which is why I entered the Got Wolf? contest. To be able to walk in two worlds, to combine animal instinct with human reason & emotion, sets up all kinds of potential for internal and external conflict. The modern world clashes with the natural world every day. We go out into the wild to decompress. Autumn's especially great for this, cause here in WI we get all the pretty colors. But I wonder sometimes...Ever look into a critter's eyes and wonder what they make of all our chaos? Do they laugh at our folly or weep for it? This is the theme of my novella, "Marek's New World."

Where to find me and my books:
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I'm doing a book signing in Racine WI Barnes & Noble Saturday 11/7/09 from 1-3 PM and another one in Wausau WI Waldenbooks (Mall) Saturday 11/14/09 from Noon-2 PM.


  1. Geez Renee, I am tired just reading about all your activities!!!

    I love Joseph Cambell too and agree about the wonder of what might be "hiding in plain sight." My youngest has dedicated himself to proving the existance of Bigfoot, Nessie and the like and enacting laws to protect them. He used to want to be a Jedi Knight so he's moving ahead in his thinking, LOL .


  2. Hey Renee

    I love Eureka and NCIS. Are you gonna catch NCIS:LA? It has Chris O'Donnell. Can't wait.

    Love shapeshifters. I'm really looking forward to the Got Wolf series coming out.

  3. Hi Renee. Best of luck with your first release. Sounds like you're an animal lover, too. Give me Bones and NCIS any night of the week. Great shows.