Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing Isabel Roman

Afternoon all! I’m Isabel Roman and I’m a sci-fi loving, movie watching, occasionally paranormal, mostly spicy romance writer with way too many ideas and so little time to write them all down. I’m addicted to NCIS at the moment and just watched the season premier last night…but that isn't what this blog is about. And I won’t digress. Promise.

I confess: I’m a geek. I recently went to the Franklin Institute’s Star Trek exhibit and enjoyed every second of it. I faithfully watch the History Channel (and History International and the Military Channel and yes I know that’s a Discovery offshoot). And about that NCIS addiction…but I did promise not to digress. Maybe another time.

Okay, okay, I once thought my alter ego was Jane Austen but now I know it’s an Israeli Mossad liaison officer with the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. What? I have issues. I know this. I embrace this. It’s a way of life.

I’m a big movie buff and have a thing for historicals. Last year I finaled in The Wild Rose Press’s Got Wolf? contest. I know I took a chance in setting my werewolf story in 1934 Germany, but if you think about it, what better time is there for hiding who you were? My wolfie story, which is what I called it until I came up with an actual title, Shadow State. Big author confession: I suck at titles! Really. My first story, forever to remain unpublished at this point, I literally called Title.

Shadow State, however was a great story to write, very fast, very fun, and very interesting. But the title itself took a long time to come up with. I researched a lot about the Nazi’s, but not typical World War II research. Mostly Hitler’s rise to power within the Reichstag, the German version of parliament, and how his policies changed the day to day life of Germans. If you wanted to stay in Germany, if you wanted to live, from 1933-1945 you had to cooperate with the Nazi’s.

My wolfe clan has their own form of government specific to their culture. So in essence they're a shadow state. This story revolves around a look into their existence by the Nazi's. And if there was one group of people you did not want invading your secret government, it was the Nazi's!
I'm looking forward to writing more for the Black Rose line.
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  1. Hi Isabel. Best of luck with Shadow State. I like that title. It fits very well with that period in history. Oh, and I thought last night's NCIS was fast-paced and exciting! I'm a fan as well.

  2. Thanks for the welcome!

    I've met so many fans of NCIS recently! I'm amazed, usually the shows I like aren't very mainstream. And yeah, very fast paced, I loved it all!

  3. Not so geeky - I have a picture of my dad and I in Vegas from Star Trek Experience. Our heads are superimposed so we look like cast and crew. :) Great memory!

  4. Hi Isabel! Great to meet you! Already we have so much in common. Black Rose, Star Trek, History Channel, and WWII (my husband re-enacts!). I'm looking forward to reading Shadow State.

  5. Keria, I have a picture of my cousin and me (it's someplace) from the Star Trek Experience! Hmm, I wonder where that is...yeah, it's a great memory.

    Tricia, isn't it cool how other peole how those same interests, varied though theymight be? Now about this WWII tell!

  6. Isabel, read THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES by Charles Stross. ;) No shifters but there's a romance and lots of geekiness added to what those Nazis were up to! ;) ~Skhye

  7. Ok, I've just ordered that, thanks, Skhye!

  8. Welcome Isabel! I just turned my 11 year old onto Star Trek, he is fast becoming a fan. WWII has long been a passion of mine and I look forward to reading your story.


  9. Thanks, Lill. Course the question is, which Trek? *G*