Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing Jason Barret

Hi, Jason Barret signing in here on the Back Rose Blog. My writing is about as far from my real life as one can get. When writing paranormal it allows me to escape my world of facts and figures and create new worlds and situations that defy science and logic. The trick is to make them appear to be logically constructed and not defying of science so readers will accept what I'm writing as a part of the real world.

For years I was a Laboratory Director where I cultured and identified bacteria. There, I would leave the world of man and peer into the microscopic world, searching for the trait that would identify my adversary. Currently, I work in the macro world of construction, measuring tons off rock and earth, reading blueprints and ensuring that the job goes as planned. I've got some pics of my current world on my site, check out my "Summer of 2008."

Now on to my writing. I signed on with The Wild Rose Press a while ago and was very fortunate that they liked my book and agreed to publish it. Dead Or A Lie, a contemporary vampire romance, is set in New York City and later in upstate New York. In Dead Or A Lie I create a world that allows a new genre vampires to exist without being blood thirsty or evil but still trapped in the world of darkness while hunted by their violent brothers. It is our heroine's fate to save these gentle beings and our hero's task to see that she lives long enough to do it!

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Vampires? Impossible! Lee Teadora lives a solitary life since the onset of a potentially life threatening allergy to the sun and the death of her parents. As night Security Director of New York Medical, Lee spends night after endless night watching uneventful images on her security monitors, hoping something exciting will happen. Be careful what you wish for Miss Teadora! While visiting her father’s grave, she is attacked by what appear to be vampires, and despite her training in the martial arts, she is about to die at the point of their dagger when suddenly and inexplicably she is set free. As she drives away, a shadowy figure watches from afar. “Be careful, my Sacrosanct. Heed the warnings of your mother, ‘Beware of the creatures of the night.’ I will not fail you as I did her. You are my love… no…not my love, my duty.”


She gripped the keys tighter, all the while cursing herself for doing so. When they reached the door she turned, and when she did, their eyes locked. His dark eyes again drew her to him and she saw no threat. In spite of the closeness of the foyer and the shadows that now surrounded them, she loosened her grip on the keys. First, allowing them to dangle with her pinky through the key ring, and finally she slipped them back into her pocket. For this moment, the battle was over. “It’s been a wonderful evening, Lee. I hope we can do it again.” He paused and she saw his eyes grow vacant again—like when he looked out the window at the sea, but this time he was staring into the depths of her eyes—her soul. I wonder what he’s thinking. Is he afraid to make the first move? Oh, to hell with it. She leaned into him and her hand rose to his cheek. He didn’t retreat—didn’t protest. Instead, he turned and gently kissed her fingertips. Lee let her hand slide to the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He smiled as she gently played with his long hair…


  1. Welcome to the Black Rose Garden, Jason. Best of luck with your book. I love a good vampire romance.

  2. Hi jason,

    Two words for your book! Awesome and gripping!

    You kinda scared me a bit, just like Sandi's book

    Good job!