Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing Tricia Schneider

Hello! My name is Tricia Schneider. I'm a new author of a Black Rose short story in the editing stages with The Wild Rose Press. I've been reading romance since my early teen years and I've been writing stories all of my life. During my years of writing, I worked as an Assistant Manager in a bookstore for about six years. The time I spent there taught me a lot about the book industry that I might not have otherwise discovered. It also gave me access to customers who I'd always hoped might one day be my readers. A valuable experience that I will always treasure.

When I gave birth to my first son, I decided to step down from my position at work and become a stay-at-home mom. My son gave me the motivation I needed to chase after my dream of one day getting my stories published. In fact, it took me three years to see that dream a reality. On the day of his 3rd birthday party, I received an email notifying me that my story was accepted at TWRP. What a party that turned out to be!

Now I balance life as a wife, a mother of two toddlers, a part-time bookseller, and a paranormal romance author. It's been an exciting ride and I look forward to what the future brings. Other than that, I love to travel, cross-stitch, research my family geneology and read everything I can find. I enjoying talking about books and everything paranormal. Halloween, one of my two favorite times of year, is right around the corner. I'm already gathering material for my son's costumes. Although my oldest can't decide between dressing as a vampire, a werewolf, or batman. Hmm...tough choices.

Visit me at or you can friend me on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Stop by, I'd love to chat!


  1. I still have many of the costumes I made for my two. Welcome aboard, Tricia.