Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introduction ~ Mallary Mitchell

In 1954, a savage killer kept a small North Carolina town in a grip of terror. He left big tracks, a bloody trail and a hair-raising legend. Was it a bear? A vampire-cat? To this day, the creature remains a mystery.

Amy Hotz, Staff Writer StarNewsOnline.Com, Sunday, October 29, 2006

This is an actual story about a creature, or creatures, and has surfaced many times in North Carolina. The Beast of Bladenboro is a mystery and actually was featured on The History Channel’s MonsterQuest. Is this just the work of pranksters? If so, why does it keep coming back generation after generation? Is there something more to this story.

This story has always piqued my interest. As a North Carolina native, I’ve heard tales both in the news and from “old-timers” who have witnessed this first hand.

Back before the houses had underpinning, when there was no need for all the wires and plumbing, I saw it. It ran out from a barn, when it saw us there it ran. We all chased it but it went up under a house. I wasn’t about to go after that thing unarmed. None of us were...

This was a tale that drew me in, and my upcoming Black Rose release Endangered plays around this legend.

Nate never intended to fall in love with Cassie. He never meant to face this decision. When he returns from his assignment, he knows she’s the woman he loves. While she’s aware he was part of her mother’s research team, she isn’t aware he was the research. Now it’s time to tell all. She must know what he is, but will love be enough to compensate for all she must relinquish to be his mate?

I’m Mallary Mitchell, and it’s a pleasure being part of Black Rose.


  1. Pleasure to meet you, Mallary! Intriguing story, I love legends like this!

  2. Welcome to the Garden! Great that you can take a home-town legend and weave it into your story. I absolutely love those old tales and you can find me watching Monsterquest each week with my youngest son, the budding monster hunter.


  3. Oh, it gave me chills! I'm looking forward to reading this one, Mallary! So... What do you think it was in 1954? Are there things out there that go bump in the night that science, as we know it, can't explain? Makes one wonder...