Monday, September 7, 2009

Let the introductions begin~

I suppose I should be the first to bare all, so to speak:) My name is Callie Lynn Wolfe and I am the Senior Editor here at TWRP's Darker side of the garden. I have been with TWRP from almost the beginning and began in the Champagne Line as a staff editor under the infamous Roseann Armstrong. I worked with Roseann for six months or so when the opportunity arose for a transfer to the Black Rose line. I was estatic as Dark Paranormal is my favorite and was my goal upon applying with TWRP. I had previously worked for several years with another house that didn't have a paranormal line let alone any romance to speak of, LOL

Anyway, I worked as a staff editor in Black for a few months until I received a shocking yet extremely enticing email from Rhonda asking if I would like to take the reins as the Goddess of the Darker side. To say I was shocked into silence is putting it mildly. It seemed that the current SE had to step away due to personal issues and the door was wide open for me. I took it and the rest history.

I love this line and have enjoyed the hard work and resilience to build and promote it. I have been quiet as far as the limelight is concerned but work very hard behind the scenes trying to create the visibility this line deserves. Thanks to all of you, my staff, the authors, and the readers, we are now gaining momentum. This blog is for all of you to enjoy, learn, share, and reap the rewards of your hard work and the success of this line.

One more thing: the blog will begin in earnest October 1st, the kickoff of TWRP's Paranormal month and the Black Rose line's release of last year's contest winners event, the Got Wolf Anthologies! but we will take this month to introduce ourselves. Editors and contributors(authors) alike, so stay tuned. We've a lot of very talented people here and hope to entice you to get your pens out and your submissions in so perhaps you can see your name up as a contributor as well.

Now I'd like to allow my fantastic group of staff editors to introduce themselves. It seems I have taken the stage long enough. I do tend to go on, don't I:) I look forward to hearing from you, the readers, and seeing queries from you, the writers. My mailbox is always open. Never shy away from asking a question, requesting information, or airing an issue.


Callie Lynn Wolfe
Senior Editor, Black Rose


  1. Excellent intro, Mistress of the Dark Garden.
    This is going to be a entertaining and useful place for us to come to. Thank you for all the work you put into this. Everything you do is greatly appreciated.

    i figured it out all by myself, Callie:)

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  3. Good morning, Ladies. Thank you for your comments.

    Jack, not sure if I fixed the issue or you did, LOL


  4. Hey Callie!

    This is so exciting. I can't wait for future blog entries. =)


  5. Hello Callie,

    Looks great. Love the darker side of the garden and can't wait to see what the bloggers have to say.

  6. Yet another place for me to hang out and not be doing laundry! Thanks, Callie.

  7. Woohoo! And I'd like to steer people over to a blog about the childbirth of astrology (with contest/prize today only!). Just swing by and get in on the fun! ~Skhye