Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peering through the Spanish moss...

Psst...over here, behind the gnarly Cypress tree. Hello everyone. My name is Joelle Walker and I too am an editor here on the shadowy side of the garden, where things may not always be what they seem... The exception to that, of course, is romance. Romance by any other name--or, for that matter, between any other creatures, be assured--is still romance.

I started my career with TWRP two years ago in the Crimson line--romantic suspense--and I found it to be, well, quite suspenseful. Hey, who doesn't like a good thriller? It's just that I yearned for the tall, dark, hunky hero to suddenly dispatch the bad guy with extended incisors or watch two giddy with love shifters carefully execute the steps of le danse macabre beneath a waning full moon.

After several requests to transfer to Black, a position opened and my dream became reality. It's taken awhile but I am proud to say I have some truly great authors--all destined for stardom--who I hope will be introducing themselves soon.

I think Callie and Lill pretty much covered all the excitement that's abuzz here at Black. After all, October is officially our month. I too am looking forward to knowing each of you better and showing you around our exciting, darker side of the garden. So come celebrate....


  1. Yay Joelle!!! Great Intro... gonna have to go check out that Cypress tree!!!

  2. Did someone say cypress? That old cypress with the Spanish moss hanging all around??? I love that tree.

    I'm so glad you wandered out today, Joelle. Great intro:)