Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the road to redemption is a bumpy ride... M. Flagg

The habit was hundreds of years old… An absentminded glance in an empty mirror as the vampire ran firm brittles back and forth over even, white teeth. But this time, he stared in disbelief. A cloudy image peered back—one that hadn’t been seen in centuries. High cheekbones, straight nose, square chin and strong brow were unmistakably his. Leaning into the mirror, Michael couldn’t see his eyes clearly, but it was his reflection, something lost the night he’d been turned. The one thing that sets me apart from humanity, he thought, one thing that should be lost forever. The image fascinated, but also frightened. One more secret I must keep from Alana—for now.

~ Retribution! The Champion Chronicles: Book One

Hello to my fellow Black Roses.

I’m very proud to be among such fine writers of the paranormal! My friends call me Mickey; my family calls me Michele. So as not to confuse either, I write as M. Flagg. By day, I’m a vocal/general music teacher in an urban school. After many consecutive hours of talking, teaching, and singing, I prefer to shut my mouth and just write in the evening.

My children, Richard and Kara, are both in their 20s. They’ve shown nothing but love and support for their strange mother. I started writing fiction three years ago after muddling through a difficult divorce, finishing a second masters, and starting a diet. Consider me blessed because that thesis won a prestigious award, I dropped 40 pounds, and went on to sign two contracts with TWRP. Then I was blessed again with a goddess of an editor (waving hello to Callie Lynn)!

Like many of us here, I’m an animal lover. We’ve always had cats and dogs in our home. When our seventeen-year-old tabby cat died, I was heartbroken. My daughter, who still lives home, has a sweet JRT and she works for an animal hospital. Last November, an abused five-week-old, bright orange Main Coon had been brought to the vet’s office and abandoned. He’d been thrown head-first into a dumpster and needed extensive surgery. Needless to say, we now have a one-eyed, handsome fur ball who only likes to bite my ankles and run.

My first novel was released in March 2009. Retribution is about a sensual vampire who seeks redemption. The second book, Consequences, follows said sexy vamp on the bumpy road to salvation. Of course, he couldn’t possibly succeed without the woman he will always love at his side. Inheritance, which will continue his story, is just about ready to be queried. This October, look for my Free Read, Friday the Thirteenth.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



  1. Welcome Mickey! Love the storyline you have going. Also loved the story of your rescue kitten. Having worked in an animal shelter I love hearing about abandoned furries finding their forever homes.


  2. Hey Mickey. Just stopping by to say hi. Congrats your sales.

  3. Hi Mickey! It's great that you and your daughter help out with animals in need. It seems you're blessed AND you are a blessing!

  4. Thanks for all the hello and lovely comments. It's really appreciated. I wish all of you great sales and many contracts here in the Black Rose Garden. And I look forward to reading all of your paranormal tales :)