Monday, September 21, 2009

Sandra Jones--An Introduction

I was so pleased to be invited to contribute to the Black Rose Blog. Paranormal and gothic romance are two of my favorite subgenres. As a student in school I remember how I hated literature until our teacher introduced us to Poe, Mary Shelley, the Brontes, & Bram Stoker. Works that were supposed to be morbid and creepy, I found romantic and beautiful.

Inspired by those dark, atmospheric romances, my first Black Rose title will be released in 2010. It's a werewolf story in the unusual setting of Arcadia, Greece. Here's the back cover blurb from Midnight Cravings:

Audrey has a job most people only dream about, visiting exotic destinations. But her new assignment, writing a review of a remote villa in Greece, exposes more than she’d bargained for—the handsome locals are really murderous werewolves, and worse, her steamy Greek lover is a lycanthrope with Midnight Cravings.Commitment-phobic Audrey wants nothing more than to prove her worth as a journalist in rustic Arcadia. Then she meets Stephon, a charming local, and wonders if she’ll be able to put the past behind her and learn how to say “yes”…to everything.But looks, money, and sex appeal mask an ancient evil. Beneath the quaint facade of the village, a curse as old as time keeps Stephon from giving his body—or his heart—to anyone but his true mate. Because when the moon is full, the cravings begin.

Look for Stephon & Audrey's story in January. I'm excited to announce that my current story, Wish for the Moon, was released on Friday! It's a Gothic time-travel romance from the English Tea Rose line. Set amid the ancient castles of Wales, Druid magic brings together a tarnished knight and a sheltered woman whom he must protect from his enemies. But who is really saving whom?

I'm looking forward to blogging here in the future! Visit my website for an excerpt of Wish for the Moon.

author of Midnight Cravings, coming this January from The Wild Rose Press
and Wish for the Moon, available now from The Wild Rose Press


  1. Congrats on your release! And have to say, I am kind of wishing I was Audrey, LOL. Welcome to the garden!!!

  2. Hey Sandra

    Congrats on the release and I look forward to your werewolf tale. I love Poe and Hawthorne was another favorite from school.

  3. Oh, I'm a big fan of Greece. And Druids--I write about 'em. I'm off to check out these stories.

  4. Hi Sandra. You picked some great authors to inspire you. Best of luck with your release.

  5. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

    Gah, Beth! How could I forget Hawthorne? (headdesk) I love him too!

  6. Running late here, but wanted to say how happy I am about your releases!

    Way to go, Sandi

    Amanda Barnett