Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sheri Lewis Wohl waving hello from the Pacific Northwest, and most delighted to be here on the dark side of the garden. I’m big fan of the paranormal and love to read and write it. It’s probably not surprising that when I went back to school a few years back to earn a Master’s Degree, I chose an 1872 vampire story as the subject of my thesis. I was teased by friends and family alike for my choice of not only a vampire story, but a lesbian vampire story no less. Of course, I got the last laugh when my thesis was nominated for outstanding thesis of the year at the university. Vampire so rock!

By day, I put on one of my conservative suits and head to the office in the federal building in downtown Spokane where I’m the Financial Administrator for the federal court. I’ve been with the judiciary for going on 19 years and have to say I feel lucky because I like my day job. At night, I head north of town where I live near Long Lake with my husband, an almost deaf German shepherd, a rescued St. Bernard, and a rescued calico cat. As you might be able to tell, we’re big into animals and rescue. Our three children, Alli, Scott, and Chrissy, are all grown up though I’m not sure how that happened since I’m pretty sure I’m still only about thirty-five .

I’m looking forward to my first Black Rose release, Full Moon Rising. With two Faery Rose releases, this book goes a bit darker and more dangerous with love, passion, and a devil’s pact. On the other hand, if you like ghosts…take a peek at Bridge of Souls, my Faery Rose out October 9th.

And, that’s me in a nutshell. If you’d like to know a little more, swing on by my website at


  1. Vampire thesis? I LOVE it!!! How great to be able to put your passion to work! Welcome to the garden. We have plenty of room here for all rescued critters, be they were type or not.


  2. Hey Sheri,

    Congrats on your Black Rose release. Love the picture!


  3. Hi Sheri. By the time I finished my thesis, I thought I'd met a vampire! Best of luck with your Black Rose release.