Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who is Dayana Knight?

I am a writer of dark fantasy and erotic paranormal romance. I grew up with the written word and with the desire to write. At eleven years old I penned a romance novel in a spiral bound notebook complete with cover art I drew myself. I took journalism and creative writing in both grammar school and high school. I can't remember a time I haven't written in some capacity.

I have always thrived on the supernatural and the paranormal. My favorite things to do were things like touring old buildings, ancient cemetaries, deserted houses, and eerie mist-laden woods in the night. I grew up near New Jersey's Pine Barrens and thrived on legends of the Jersey Devil also known as the 13th Son. I loved going out for rides deep into the woods at night and just sit in the car with my adrenalin rushing and just this side of fearful panic *grin* We even used to venture out to an old abandoned insane asylum located just outside NE Philadelphia. Ask Jaclyn Tracy about this. She knows of the place too, LOL I personally loved the Blair Witch Experiment. Right up my alley of things to do, *grin*

I grew up with family stories of haunted houses and weird things that go bump in the night. I absorbed anything to do with vamps, weres, witches, Paganism, Wicca, etc. My favorite shows were Gene London and Quiggly Mansion(does anyone remember that?), Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, Night Gallery, Dracula Movies, American Gothic, Twin Peaks, Wolf Lake, Blood and Chocolate. Basically, anything with a paranormal format. I read early Victoria Holt Gothics, Anne Rice books, Laurell K. Hamilton, JR Ward, and many others I've forgotten over the years.

And finally, I am a Black Rose and a Scarlet author for TWRP. I am excited to be a part of TWRP and love being a part of the Black Rose line. For more about me you can find me at and, as well, facebook and myspace and of course, I twitter.

Thank you for the opportunitity to introduce myself and be a part of the Black Rose Blog. My available books are The Curse of the Marhime, Bestial Cravings, and Eternal Obsession, an erotic vampire story.


  1. Welcome Dayana!

    I loved the stoires of the Jersey Devil. While visiting ex-relatives in NJ they had a new string of Devil "sightings". I never did get to see anything. We didn't have an asylum in my area but we had an old fire road that was reportedly haunted by "evil doers" and haunted orange groves. All great for future writing.


  2. Hi Dayana. I just drove past an old asylum in northern NJ. Cedar Grove to be exact. Not to knock the state, but I think there's at least one in ever county - wierd, isn't it? The Jersey Devil, asylums and all things creepy. Or there's the turnpike for the really brave ones :) Nice to see you here.

  3. Hello, Mickey, Lill, and Heln!

    Yes, Lill and Mickey. Jersey does have some interesting contradictions. We have lots of forest and orchard lands. Lots of eerie old cemetaries, and many historical spots with lots of, shall we say, past essence?

    Lill, I'd be interested in speaking to these JD siters, LOL I am working on a Jersey Tale. Might be nice to hear some new eyewitness accounts.

    Thank for commenting:)


  4. Hi Dayana,
    We used to play in a graveyard, a huge one, with large monuments. Unique gravestones. The first time I ever read the line, "I told you I was sick". My sisters were scared but I loved it. Chasing and scaring one another and lying on the ground to look at the vast sea of stars that filled the sky in this rural area, now that was fun.

  5. Sorry I'm here late. I'm a chicken... Never had the nerve to watch the Blair Witch Movie. I'm looking forward to your Jersy story, Dayana. I can't wait.

  6. Hi, Mary and Catherine.

    That is a pretty unique inscription for a grave marker, Mary, LOL I guess the person wasn't kidding:)

    Cat, that movie was one of the eeriest things I've ever watched. I had chills all the way through it. Those college kids did a wonderful job with the project. The imagery and setting was fabulously frightening. It is exactly how I remember the woods feeling and being in the night when we were the adventurous daredevils of my youth. BTW we were not partaking of the drink when we did this stuff, LOL


  7. Hi, Dayana!
    Welcome to the blog! Can't wait to read your sounds terrific!