Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cryptozoological Creatures

The Jersey Devil-Sasquatch-Nessie-The Beast of Bladenboro-Chupacabra-Mothman
These are just a few of the creatures that have piqued the interest of young and old alike. People often scoff at these creatures, but are they so bizarre that they couldn’t exist?

Would anyone have ever believed we would find worms living at the bottom of the ocean near hydrothermal vents that don’t rely on photosynthesis for their existence. You know that food chain you learned in elementary the cycle of starts with plants...well, these little guys don’t need it. These worms use chemosynthesis to manufacture the energy they need. Encased in white tubes, the worms have bright-red, hemoglobin-rich gills. They use sulfides and other compounds toxic to us to make their food. These worms aren't the only organisms who live without the sun. Down in the cold depths of the ocean there's no photosynthesis going on whatsoever. These creatures thrive in this hostile environment with high heat and massive pressure as well as a chemical composition that would kill most terrestrial organisms in a second. But they’re very real...and very alive. Every week scientists are finding more. Who really knows what waits at the ocean’s depths? If these bizarre creatures exist, is it then such a stretch to believe in cryptids?

Cryptozoological creatures have been with us as long as humans have been recording history. Bigfoot is the big guy. Long before settlers came to the New World, multiple Native American tribes had legends of this creature. But he's not limited to the Americas. These bipedal creatures have been seen all over the globe and go by differing names, Yeti, Skunk Ape, there is also a smaller, similar creature, one of which has been dubbed Orang Pendek. Regardless, they’ve been seen from Scotand to Sumatra-high in the mountains, deep in swamps. To date, these hairy, bipedal creature continues to elude captors, but intriguing bits of hair, blood, dropping and, of course, prints, are constantly being added to the Big Foot database.

So what is a Cryptozoological Creature? It’s an animal assumed to exist, but we’ve yet to discover it, and we have many. Just take a look over at or and you’ll see a veritable plethora of strange and unusual creatures. There are terrestrial cryptids, many of these are Bigfoot-like, some are winged, two examples being Mothman, the huge, red-eyed winged harbinger of doom seen frequently in Point Pleasant, WV right before the catastrophic Silver Bride collapse. Also winged is The Jersey Devil of the NJ Pine Barrens. Another type are aquatic animals, the most famous being Nessie, but we also have Lake Champlain’s Champ, and Ogo Pogo, the Okanagan Lake Monster, and all of which have similar descriptions and evidence on film.

So, with all this research, why can’t we prove they exist? Perhaps they don’t or perhaps...they just don’t want to be found. There are enough uninhabited regions on this earth to hide these creatures, the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, the wilds of West Virginia, the great woods of Oregon or the deep, dark Scottish Loch. Part of the interest is the mystery. So we hunt for answers, and have our own personal "X-files." Recently MonsterQuest has been launched on the History channel to investigate claims of these creatures. This is always an informative, entertaining show.

Do I think I’ll see Bigfoot, Mothman, or perhaps the Chupacabra someday? Maybe. There have been Bigfoot and Chupacabra sightings within twenty miles of my home. My grandfather saw something he called a devil goat (you can check out my post on the Cactus Rose Blog.) So maybe someday I’ll see something which raises more questions than answers. Something I wish I hadn't seen...Nonetheless, mysterious subjects make wonderful inclusions in novels and are always a subject of interest.


  1. Great Post, Mallary! Cryptozoological Creatures are fascinating to read about. I really like the mystery of the creatures in the lochs or lakes around the world. If you're interested, there's been a new sighting caught on film in Ireland.

    17th September 2009, three representatives of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, the world's foremost mystery animal research group, filmed a sequence of Killarney Lake in Ireland of a creature some say resembles the Loch Ness Monster. (let me know if you want the link.)

    So did you add one of these creatures into the your stories?

    I'll check out your post on Cactus Rose Blog, too.

    Take Care.

  2. I think there is a little truth behind every myth! Which is why paranormal is so fun to read and write.

  3. Eve, right? Excellent and most informative post. As a matter of fact, I gave some thought to posting on El Chupacabra, the "goat sucker," a reptilian, dog-like cryptid with huge fangs that seems to be spotted frequently down here in TX. I keep a vigilant lookout...


  4. Hi Joelle Would you believe that supposedly the Chupacabra is in NC too? And Very close to my house,

  5. Jeez, it better not find its way to NJ! We've not only got a bear on the block, but also a large black cat - way to big to be the house pet variety. Very interesting post, Mallary.

  6. Love reading stuff like this Mallery. Gotta tell ya 2 things. One, Champ, my cousin got a snap of him/her in Port Henry a long time ago. My uncle owned Gene's Hotdog stand right in front of the lake. National Georgraphic or Life (sorry, can't remember which one) ran her picture of the lake monster. It was pretty cool. 2. My highschool history teacher, Mr. Zarzynski (can't believe I remembered how to spell his name:) its been so freaking long...anyway, he's been searching for Nessie forever. He's written a few books on her as well.
    I believe in these things. Who are we to think we are the only creatures to inhabit this planet? It's a big world.

  7. Hi, Mallary! I love the unusual stuff paranormals are made of!!! I saw a Bigfoot-a-thon a few weeks ago. Everyone laughed that I couldn't turn it off. LOL