Saturday, October 10, 2009


All right, I admit it. I love Gremlins. They’re bad boys, they’re naughty, they’re fun, they give you that half-grin, half-smirk knowing smile, and I’m done. I’m gone. I don’t know exactly what’s coming but I know I’m going to love every moment of it and really, really hate myself in the morning.
Why? I mean, bad means bad, doesn’t it?
Not necessarily.
For one thing, Gremlins have a nugget of pure gold inside. They can turn on the charm and make you feel like you’re one in a million, the very best of the best. They bat those million dollar baby blues or those big browns that you want to drown in, and you’re hooked. Done. Gone.
For another, Gremlins are daring, they show no fear. Even when they know they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do, they don’t hesitate, they forge ahead, and damn the consequences.
Gremlins work on instinct and they always have a purpose, perhaps not the one we want them to have or the one we want to see because the end doesn’t always justify the means. And to be sure, they have a goal but they don’t always let us know that goal is.
But doesn’t that add to the mystique? Doesn’t that inability to predict add to the attraction?
Gremlins are winners and we love winners. Why? I guess because winners survive and we’re still dictated by our survival of the fittest gene.
So when you think about it, are Gremlins really that bad after all?
Do they remind you of anyone else?
Go back and think about all the qualities I just talked about. Wouldn’t you want your hero (or heroine) to be self-assured, a little naughty, daring, fearless, have a purpose but also have a heart of gold?
Gremlins are bad. We know they are. But they’re also really, really good. And those qualities are exactly what we mean by heroic. So go for it. Add a little Gremlin to your main characters. But watch out…you never know what they’ll do next. ~ Linda J. Parisi


  1. Whoa, gremlins? Never thought about those little independent stinkers, er, thinkers, like this. What perfect paranormal mischief makers. Great post, Linda. I just hope they don't hook up with those were-bunnies I've heard about.

  2. Gremlins? Curious...all those guys I dated through the years — I had a different name for them. =) Thanks, Linda, this gives me pause to think outside the envelope...or box...or whatever. Fun post!


  3. I never thought about the self-assured, naughty and fearless hero having a gremlin personality, but now that you mention it... lol

    Loved the post!

  4. And here I thought Gremlins were furry critters that multiply when placed in water.

  5. I'm with Catherine. I'm a child of the 80's so I can't get past the ears...and didn't they emerge from toilets?????
    Ha! But, agreed, a touch o'gremlin could just equate to an ornery sense of humor! Great idea..if I can get past the ears!
    Autumn Shelley
    "Blood Moon"

  6. Whoa, Linda! I never quite thought of gremlins this way but you know, they're cuddly, furry, cute. Hey, could work.

    And I guess so would a were-penguin. Come on. The hero is already wearing his tux. Just think of how good he'll look when he shifts, huh? Am I right?