Monday, October 12, 2009

A little vamp history

Beware mere mortals, there’s a new guy in town… well not really so new, but in truth very old, ancient actually, experienced and as of lately, sexier than any one man—or woman has a God-given right to be, but then these lustful creatures of the night aren’t of the Divine Order, or are they? Vampires are among us. And hopefully here to stay! At least until all my books are pubbed—sorry for that shameless plug about Eden’s Black Rose! Coming next year from The Wild Rose Press.

They’re on television, movie screens, hogging up bookstore’s shelves, snuggling next to you in your bedroom heating up your hormones not to mention any other part of your anatomy that loves to be caressed, kissed, sucked or nibbled on. And let’s face it, who among us doesn’t enjoy having their neck kissed or their inner thigh nibbled on? Two of my fav hot spots, not that you needed to know that. TMI? Not nearly half as bad as the detail I could go into…but I won’t today. Not sure of the ratings here J

I watched Dracula and those he sired since I was big enough to turn on the telly, and I gotta tell ya’ll, I don’t recall them being anything other than scary enough for me to go running to my mom for protection... And no, she wasn’t armed with apotropaics—Holy H20 or crucifixes, branches of a wild rose, silver anything or multiple strands of garlands even though I do adore the stuff. Ever try garlic ice cream? Ummm. (Callie, remind me to add to my 2nd book where Olivia stuffs the thorned branch down his trousers? Revisions and edits—do they ever really end?)

Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula.

 I have just one burning question really—when did the thieving, conniving revenants become the to-die-for-sex-heroes of our books and movies? When did Mr. Wrong turn into Mr. Right? Coz this guy just doesn’t do it for me! Can’t see myself hopping into Bela’s casket for a quickie

The little bat still visits me in my nightmares. Back in the day those animated little corpses reminded me of a giant mosquito out to make my life miserable; left me with an insatiable itch. Today, that itch has a delicious sensation when it’s accompanied with the promise of untamed, unbridled primitive passion; the killer “O” as long as it doesn’t really land you in the morgue. There’s the risk that draws people to the dark side. 

Has our own daily dilemmas taken such a plunge into the underbelly of the world that we are desperate for new blood? Are we the true vamps in search of new destinies? A quickie fix?

I’m always up for a quickie J

Have death and taxes and all that lies in between taken its toll on our sense of humors? Yup!

On our love affairs?

Oh hell yeah! How many times have we watched a love scene or read one with some bloodsucker and we wet our panties wishing we were the actor in their arms and then we trot off to the sack with our mortal lover in hopes of finding something that just isn’t as magical as our expectations? Does the magical enthrallment ruin what used to be a great roll in the hay? Not always! Once in a blue moon we get lucky.

As far as reality goes, I don’t even know what’s real or not any more. I have so many voices in my head daily telling me what to say, what to write, who to kill off, who to jump into bed with…. (Giant grin on that one!) that I’ve lost my sense of self. I really don’t need meds, although….

Do we need an escape hatch?

I for one do. It’s why I began writing.

I am sick of waking up every morning to a mundane cup of java, watching my dog turn yet another patch of what’s left of my green grass, brown and going to work to painstakingly, (sorry, couldn’t resist) watch the hands on the clock tick my life away one second at a time.

I do have a point. I just tend to wander off the beaten path and take the scenic route home.

Vamps have been around well before 1200. Documentation of such non-living creatures has been recorded and disputed over centuries. Folklore described the undead as those whose souls never departed their bodies after death. They were shrouded in tattered cloths and bloated once the casket was opened. 

Ah—hello! You ever see what happens to a animal’s body when it’s left outside in the sun? Puffs right up better than a hunk of dough. EWH! What do people expect when you put someone in the ground in a pine box and let them ferment? One, the bugs get in and munch on whatever bugs munch on (it’s really best NOT to think about that) and two, all the internal shit has a meltdown and turns into gases. And we all know how a gaseous tummy makes us feel, right?

Voltaire, a Polemic (one who practices disputing controversy wrote a long, long time ago: Vampires got out of their graves at night to suck the blood of the living and then return to their grave. The person so sucked waned, grew pale and fell to consumption, while the sucking corpse grew fat, got rosy and enjoyed an excellent appetite. The stories grew by leaps and bounds bringing us up to speed.

Myths, fables, some true tales have special places in our libraries, but none ever so as popular as Vlad Tepes Dracula—The Impaler. Handsome little devil isn’t he? I didn’t think so!

This is the procreator of all evil Dracula stories. Bram Stoker in 1897 wrote, Dracula, after the ruler of Wallachia, in the Balkans. Tepes stands for ‘Impaler.’ A means to which the man ended over 40,000 lives by impaling their bodies on long stakes for illegal, immoral wrongs they committed. He then displayed their corpses in public to instill fear to others whom might have considered a path less legal. He was considered a true leader.

Dracula’s name has a distinct origin. The Holy Emperor of Rome founded the religious  Order of the Dragon in 1410. Their symbol was a dragon. Seems befitting! The word Dragon in Romania is ‘drac’ and ‘ul’ is the definitive article, (no clue what that last part actually means J). This was Vlad’s father’s name; Vlad Dracul. He and his wife then popped out a little boy…“Ulea” means son of, thus giving Vlad Dracula his name. The word “Drac” also means the devil in Romania. Enter spooky stories. Vlad, like so many men, has evolved over the centuries… Thank God, right? Survival of the fittest and all that anthropological BS. Vamps thrive while we barely survive. His bite went from women being outright terrorized and screaming for their lives to a new level of an orgasmic squeal. And who wouldn’t, given the opportunity to be on the receiving end of these fine luscious lips? Look who we’ve had recently to quench our thirst, or theirs more appropriately?

I have 2 men in mind that I honestly can’t stake one over the other:

Angel; a vamp with a soul and seriously? The most incredulous smile I’ve ever drooled over and a bod to die for, literally! Any night of the week, baby! Currently Thursdays on Bones. Sorry, but I love David fangs or no fangs.

Then there’s my 2nd fav hottie; Mick St. John:  Moonlight. Friday nights just aren’t the same L 

Could someone please tell me why do all the awesome shows get cancelled? It’s not fair.

In retrospect, there’s one vamp out there that didn’t do it for me. Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Lestat in, An Interview With A Vampire. Sorry Tom. You aren’t a natural born killer.

“No picture for you!” said the soup Nazi. Any Seinfeld fans?

As far as books go I have my favorite authors who write a superb man of the night; Karen Marie Moning, Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Christine Feehan to name a few. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, you’ll be able to pick up Eden’s Black Rose and add Lucian St. James to your own list of hotties. (SP shameless plug #2) J

I started writing this wanting to find a definitive date where the vamps turned into the good guys but as aloof as they can be, so too are specific dates, unless you go as far back as George Hamilton’s spoof on Dracula, Love At First Bite,  made in1979. Who doesn’t love George, even if he is the tannest vamp in Hollywood?

These days there seems to be something for everyone. If you want thrillers Richard Roxburghs’s portrayal of the Count in Van Helsing had a sexy twist. This one’s for the guys… 2 on 1. Any man’s fantasy. Am I right?

Hell, even the women vamps are gorgeous. That movie left me feeling down right trodden with my reflection in the mirror. Something these creatures obviously don’t have to worry about. Suckers!

Must be nice to sleep all day and party all night. Add a little glamour to project a image worthy of luring innocents and have your beefcake and eat it too. Literally. 

Okayyy, twilight nears and the moon is in full bloom. I must go open my windows, dab a little Eden’s Black Rose perfume behind my ears  (my heroine in my book, Serina, makes this—SP #3 J) and await my dreams since I’m pretty sure that’s as good as it gets!

Sweet dreams to all of you.

Oh, in the spirit of Samhein, I went to my dentist to get my smile spruced up for all my little trick or treaters. My dentist, a quirky little man who never seems to age and whom I honestly love more than I remember as of lately, told me to sit back, close my eyes and after I felt a little pinch he’d give me a smile others would die for. Ya know, in retrospect, I should have wondered why the guy never aged, should have asked why he’d gotten so close to me when he had to numb me. Should have asked why his cool breath feathered across my flesh. Should have wondered why I felt like I’d been given a blast of happy gas instead of Novocain. Hmmm!

Happy Hauntings to each of you. A day we celebrate candy. Beware of land sharks. If anyone can give me the correct 2 teams to end up in the World Series and the correct winner, I'll give 1 free download of Eden's Black Rose when it becomes available.

Thank you,

Jaclyn Tracey,

Eden’s Black Rose

Here’s my before and after pics:

Before the dentist: 

After my visit with the dentist:


  1. I am so excited for you!!!!!!! Yay....when will it be on shelves? You must be so thrilled !!!! Love your personal pics! Wow, I'm proud of you ! I got goose bumps.

    Suzie Dorsey

  2. Thanks, Suzie. The pics are what happens when I get too much time on my hands. I need a life. No release date but hopefully soon.

  3. What a great post...And I agree with you on Interview with A Vamp...Antonio Banderas stole that one (IMHO)

  4. I'm with you -- why do the great TV shows have to be canceled. I love Moonlight and Alex O'Loughlin and Mick St. John. He's my favorite vampire though David Boreanaz as Angel draws a close second. Good thing these two have new TV shows-- Bones and Three Rivers. Sure, they aren't vamps, but they both still deal with blood. hmmm...

    Love your before and after pictures of you dentist visit. :)

  5. Mallery,
    Thank you. And as far as Antonio goes? He wouldn't have to steal a thing from me. I'd hand it over before he asked. Ummm. Love him too.

    I am looking forward to Three Rivers as well. Great catch on dealing with blood. Only a true paranormalist would catch that relationship.
    Thanks for the comments on the pics. Gotta make fun of yourself every now and then... before someone does!

  6. I agree. Tom Cruise just didn't do it for me either - in a BIG way! Great post.

  7. Jack, I am so proud of you. Great Pics too. I love Bones and not a Tom C fan. Now I know for sure you are of the paranormal. LOL One team will be the Yankees for sure and I would like to believe the Angels Love ya

  8. I, too, am with you on Moonlight and Mick St. John(Alex O'Loughlin). And while I agree--to a point--about Angel, I feel the need to point out one super sexy Vamp you've overlooked. The oh-so-naughty Spike. I could go for a bite of that anytime! Great article!

  9. Marion,
    Nice surprise. It better be NYY over the Dodgers. That's my pick anyway. Love ya to, ʛɽɑɱ.
    I don't know Spike? Enlighten me? I would hate to think I missed a sexy vamp. That would be a loss on my part:)

  10. Hey Jacke! well you've hit many nails on the coffin with this one. First, I have to tell you that Tom Cruise ruined the movie for me. I'd read the book and would never imagine casting smiling boy in that part.

    Soup Nazi, LOL And Vlad my friend, as you know we are neighbors in Romania. Pita and Niko have some close history to the Impaler. Well actually it would be Tomas and Dorina, LOL
    BTW, Vlad is worshipped in Romanian history because as nasty as that man was, he did it all to protect his homeland and his people, so history states:)

    Fabulous post, mon ami. Hey, what about Gary Oldman as Dracula. What say you? He was quite hot if you ask me and that movie extemely sensual.


  11. Loved David B. in Angel. Love him more in Bones. And I'm old enough to remember Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows. He wasn't always bad. :)
    Congrats on the book!