Sunday, October 18, 2009

Necromancy...Take a walk on the wildside

It’s midnight and you just happen to all alone in the local cemetery. What to do?? Well, you have a couple of choices. You can run as fast as you can for your car—or—you can take a page from the Bible and raise the dead. Oh yeah, you read that right. You see, in the Bible you will find the story of one of the best known Necromancers in history: the Witch of Endor who raised the dead prophet Samuel for King Saul.

So, if the Witch of Endor could do, you figure you can too. You decide to stay and give it shot, but you also worry that by doing so, you’re touching on something black and evil. After all, the rituals for raising the dead resemble those used in ceremonies to summon the devil and conjure up demons. There are magic circles, spells, and incantations. You begin to tremble at the mere thought. Rest assured, however, that Necromancers, by and large, are on the white side in the realm of magic, even if they do sometimes wear the clothing from the corpse during the ceremony. For their intent is not to create havoc and destruction. Rather they raise the dead to obtain useful information be it things the dead knew before their demise, or knowledge obtained from the world beyond. Once the ritual has been performed, the dead have risen and questions answered, they are returned to grave. Some Necromancers choose to burn the corpse or bury it in quicklime just to make certain it will not be disturbed again. It’s typically a one-shot deal. Raise them once and never again.

Keep in mind that despite the best intentions of most in the field of Necromancy, there are, as in most professions, a few bad apples. They are the ones who give the rest of the Necromancers a bad name! These are the few who use their skills not in the manner they are intended, but rather to harm. They will raise the dead and send them into the world to harm the living. These are the Necromancers who have brought down the wrath of the church and even the full force of the law. In England, Necromancy was outlawed by the Witchcraft Act of 1604.

Before the night fades, draw your magic circle, murmur the ancient words of the most skilled Necromancers, and watch as the dead rise to meet you. Take your time and then ask the most pressing question on your mind this dark and stormy night—“How the hell do I get out of this cemetery?”

**For a more detailed description of Necromancy, be looking for my upcoming Black Rose novel, Full Moon Rising.***


  1. Very enlightening, Sheri. Love necromancy and all things related; zombies, witches, ghouls... Again, I learned something new tonight about the witch of Endor.

    Old wive's tale states as long as you learn something new each day, you won't die that day. I have been spared another day.
    Thank you.
    Looking forward to reading Full Moon Rising.

  2. That was a really neat topic! I have to go re-read the Bible now to find the passages about the Witch of Endor. I can't believe I missed that! I look forward to reading Full Moon Rising.

  3. I've never heard of the witch of Endor. I guess I need to dust off the old bible again.

    Funny that you did your post about graveyards. Yesterday, my friends and I toured the Forever Hollywood Cemetery. Lucky for us, we ran into a lady who does tours. We were too late for your regular tour time, but we convinced her to give us a shorter version of one. (Her tours usually run 2hrs and she had to leave in an hour.)I tell you, thank goodness she agreed. We would have never found any of the graves listed on the map. The numbering system is awful. Needless to say, she gave us an interesting tour. It's the cemetery where the mysterious lady in black leaves a flower for Rudolf Valentino every year and where Hearst's ghost supposedly visits his mistress.

    Don't worry, we didn't raise any of the dead. lol

    Thanks for the interesting post!

  4. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look up the Witch of Endor as well.