Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now that's a weird coincidence

I’m a pushover for finding oddball connections. I like them. I thrive on those coincidences that make for good conversation fodder. I believe in meant to be and help from above. And when weird coincidences occur in life, it often doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve worked with someone for over a decade. Once a year, we smile and say, “Have a good birthday” to each other. The thirteenth time we did this, those warm wishes led to a strange chat. What!? Born the same year, the same time of day, in the same city? We also lived around the corner from each other and had met as little girls. Weird, huh?

A chance accident, an event that smacks of a twist of fate, a happenstance that’s a total fluke! Aren’t these weird? Do they make your flesh crawl with a tingle that starts somewhere in your gut and works its way up? Whether your eyes grow wide or narrow when such freaky moments occur, the premise is the same. And it hits you like a knock out punch while eerie music plays in your head.

Something ever happen to you by chance in a truly remarkable way? What about an unexpected, unplanned twist? Call it karma, the fickle finger of fate, destiny… Nah. Just call it a weird coincidence.

The premise is so one in a million that it’s downright freaky. And destiny can wink at you anywhere, at any time. But if it’s thousands of miles away as you crawl into a remote Scottish castle, the sole survivor of a tour bus’s plunge into a yawning ravine, and the person who scrapes you off the floor is your long-lost first love, you’ve got another weird one on your hands and not a bad beginning of a love story.

Twists of fate create goosebumps when the situation is way beyond normal. Deja-vu, anyone? Now that’s an interesting topic. Dreaming something before it actually takes place? See? Another weird coincidence! I love them.

One night, I slammed on the brakes in the middle of a dark road as a huge buck jumped the hood of my car instead of ending up as road kill and with me having a smashed up front end. This really happened. No lie. My daughter stared at me for a full minute before asking, “Uh… it came out of nowhere, so like, how did you know?” Maybe an angel on my shoulder—or possibly possessing my right foot? Call it good karma or incredible luck, it’s another weird coincidence.

This is the Black Rose Blog, so let’s face it. Creepy happenings and weird circumstances ring our bells. The imagination takes over and since ours are overactive anyway, we run with these things. After all, we’re the writers who build fictitious worlds and give our heroes fangs, fur, or immortality. They shift, glow, glamour, curse (in the evil sense), morph, breathe fire or just plain make Superman look like a wuss. Dragons talk to us and those mythical muses either grace us or punish us.

In our paranormal tales of serendipitous passion, weird lashes the heartstrings of the hero and heroine together. We use out of the ordinary to stretch real, human emotions. In the spirit of Halloween and all that goes bump in the night, let’s celebrate the creepy coincidences that make the skin crawl.

I’ll leave you with one more weird coincidence, just because I tend to ramble and it’s really a weird one. My favorite aunt passed on while a good friend and I were taking Saturday classes. Ro and I had worked together on two advanced degrees for almost four years. I wasn't feeling well and the doctor ordered a complete blood work up. Ro promised to save me a seat and take voracious notes. I’d get to class as soon as I left the lab assigned by my medical insurance. Arriving for the yucky blood-taking early, only one seat remained next to a woman that looked exactly like my deceased aunt. We talked about family, school, and my hard-to-find floating veins. Then she proudly mentioned her niece...who took Saturday classes. My eyes narrowed. An eerie, diminished chord did a quick crescendo up my spine. I asked one question as the tingles totally buzzed. Yep. You guessed it. Her niece was my good friend Ro, the one taking notes and saving my seat.

Come on. Share a weird coincidence. I know you have one.

~ M. Flagg

Retribution! The Champion Chronicles: Book One


  1. I can't, off the top of my head, think of a weird coincidence like that, but I do like them. They're fun and they do make you do "Huh?" and think. Life is full of them no matter what others will say.

  2. I'm happy to share my 'weirdness':
    In 2005 I had a very distinct dream. I knew it was different because the 'fabric' of the dream FELT different. I knew from this dream that two things were going to happen, one, someone close to me was going to be seriously hurt or possibly pass away and someone else close to me would be driving a new, gray/silver Ford Mustang. (You know, the new body style that looks so cool!)
    On January 28 2006 my husband was in a serious motorcycle accident that hospitalized him for 48 days (he has since recovered and is doing well) and later that same year my then best friend surprised everyone by finally trading in her old Explorer for, you guessed it, a brand new GT. (And yes, it was gray.)
    I never really believed in coincidences and since then I certainly don't. Everything happens for a reason, and some of us 'see' it before it does.
    GREAT article M!

  3. One of my good friends (I've known her since first grade)and I have this psychic connections. We only went to school together until 3rd grade. She moved away and we wrote to each other. When we were young we didn't call too often, but more times than not when we did call each other, it would be at the same time. Where the phone wouldn't ring on either end, but we'd simply be connected. Later in our teens--we would show up at places wearing the same colors. Wearing the same colors isn't so bad, but this one time, the outfit almost looked exactly the same. As adults, we work together. We had a seminar to go to and we both wore skirts, which neither of us are prone to do, but there we were looking like twins. So embarrassing. Now, we ask what the other is going to wear before we meet up. lol

    Great post!

  4. Hi Isabel, I agree. "Huh?" is the perfect response.

    Wow, Autumn. Thank God your husband is okay. How true that everything happens for a reason. Weird coincidences are right up there with fate.

    Karen, the two of you sound like psychic sisters. Do you finish each other's sentences? That's the kind of friendship to celebrate.

    Thanks for sharing your stories. I really love to read these.