Friday, October 16, 2009

Occult and Nazi's

Ancient runes, occult legends and dark gods bring to mind the supernatural, paranormal tales we've heard all our lives but how often does it bring to mind...Nazis?

However, the Nazis and Hitler particularly were fascinated by all things occult. Many people do not realize that most of the Nazi symbolism comes from ancient runic markings. The Nazis were obsessed with all things occult or Druid in origin; in fact Hitler based many of his most controversial policies on ancient occult teachings or theories.

For instance: he believed the Aryan race was descended from the Nordic gods which in turn was a race saved after the lost continent of Atlantis' residents took refuge in the Scandinavian countries. Hitler firmly believed that the Aryan race lost their innate supernatural powers (such as telepathy, superior strength, etc.) because of interbreeding with lesser races. This belief was the main reason behind his ethnic cleansing and eugenics policies.

It was shocking how rich the Nazi world and mythos was for the setting of a paranormal story. They were into absolutely everything and their views were skewed toward the belief of the supernatural, they believed themselves to be supernatural actually.

The Indiana Jones movies are not far off the mark as to the fervent pursuit the Nazi's engaged in when hunting religious artifacts, lost legends and the like. It is well documented that they went on a crusade for the Holy Grail and The Spear of Destiny. In fact, it is theorized that Hitler started WWII in order to acquire The Spear of Destiny.

In my short story, Shadow State, I took these facts and used them to create my fictitious world where wehrwölfes or wölfes lived hidden in German society until one fateful day when a group of SS officers capture a man after he changed into his wölfe form.

The story then follows Christoph, the clan leader and Elsa, a defacto pack leader, through their journey to rescue the captured wölfe and explore the feelings they have for each other. Strasser, the SS flunky, is single-minded in his intent to learn their secrets and to create more wölfes.


“Based on what you’ve told me regarding the subject’s reaction to the dogs you introduced, I can only assume he was raised around other rabid beasts. Tell me, Karl,” he reverted to the familiar now that the interview was over. “Where did you find the…man?”

With an uncharacteristic huff, Strasser leaned back in the chair. “We picked him up in Neukölln after he attacked a mob. The details are unclear, but I understand it took four men to bring him in.” He sat up and added, “Four men, even though the beast had taken two gunshot wounds.”

“Hmm,” Gerard said to cover his disgust at Erik’s treatment. “Neukölln, I would have said in one of the outer provinces.”

“I want you to set up a test,” Strasser stood. “I’m going to have a subject brought in from the prisons. If the beast bites him, we can create more of these unusual creatures.”

“You believe the legends of the wehrwölfe?” Gerard asked.

Strasser offered a smile that made him sick. “There’s one way to find out.”


  1. Interesting post. I enjoyed the excerpt, too. I just bought The Taming of the Wolf and Got Wolf vol. one. I can't wait to read them. I wish you the best with your tale!

  2. Thanks, Karen, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the story, all the stories.

  3. I had no idea about Hitler's interest in the occult or anything paranormal. Kinda wierd to have something in common with him.
    History as an adult is one of my favorite subjects. I only wish I paid attention in school. History is lost to teenagers. They walk around saying, "Why would I ever need to remember that?"
    Comes in handy if you write for a living or a hobby.
    Best of luck with your Shadow State. I put it on my 'to read' list.

  4. Very interesting. I knew of Hitler's interest in the Occult but not of the deep connection. I too love history!!! Can't wait to read Shadow State.

  5. This was interesting. I have Taming of the Wolf, so I look forward to reading the story. I hope to see you next week, Isabel.

  6. Fantastic post! It's amazing how much Hitler's interest in the paranormal swayed so many of his decisions. I've heard the war might've turned out quite differently if not for Hitler's obsession with astrology. His astrologists advised him not to attack on certain days, giving the Allies time to re-group and advance.

  7. Very interesting post, Isabel. I as well love history and it was one of my stronger subjects in school. Though I didn't know of Hitler's deep love and interest in the paranormal, though it does make sense.

    I have read Shadow State and loved it! I have both GW books as well. BTW isn't the cover awesome?


  8. You're right,Tricia. Course, I also watch a lot of History Channel and when they have nothing else to show, it's all WWII stuff. But basically Hitler was heavy into astrology and all kinds of the occult hoping to find mythical objects to help him in his insanity.

    I hope you enjoy Shadow State, it's heavy on period history, but not so much all that boring stuff you may have learned in school. Says the history major. *G*

  9. Love all the Indian Jones movies and I have developed a deep fascination and love for the southern part of Germany. My daughter and her husband live in Eschenbach. He's stationed at Graf and I fell in love with the country when I visited last summer.

    I've always found Hitler's obsession with the occult and his medical experiments fascinating as well. I'm putting your book on my must read list!