Saturday, October 31, 2009

A silvery full moon eclipses behind a passing wisp of feathery darkness and the deathly silence breaks with the howling of wolves in the distance. Shadow and moonlight compete to foreshadow the ancient markers, crosses, and obelisks scattered across the desolate cemetery. Century old oaks reach into the vast darkness like stalwart sentries while small animals skitter at the hoot of an owl.
Rich soil begins to boil and quiver across the dried ground. Clawing fingers reach toward freedom and mounds of dirt erupt and slip away as figures rise in unison across the surreal and haunted expanse.

And so it begins…

The witching hour.

The dance of the dead

Here we are at long last. Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day for some, All Soul’s day for others. Some celebrate by dressing up in ghoulish costumes, some celebrate the end of a harvest, and the beginning of a new year. Others bless the Saints while yet others light candles and pray for the souls that have left this earth. Point is, we all celebrate in one way or another.

Throughout this month, we’ve learned so much about how the holiday is celebrated around the world. Now let’s talk about how each of us celebrates this day. There just may be a surprise treat in it for one lucky commenter.

This is, as any good Black Rose Goddess would admit, my favorite holiday. I start the ritual and routine September 1st. I just can’t help myself. I celebrate the Pagan holiday as well as the American version. My home is decorated inside and out with the harvest colors of fall and amber lights, as well, orange and black lights. I have vampires who drift from the ceiling and a what we call Skeletor who hangs in the front yard and welcomes the little children to Halloween House. I have Damian, my skeleton butler who is dressed in a tux and bellows the song “Hot, Hot, Hot” to passersby after he scares the bejeebers out of you with his Vincent Price monologue. We create a small haven more for ourselves but I know others enjoy it. My neighbors smile and the kids know who has the best candy on the block.

I remember my first Halloween in this house. I went crazy decorating, buying candy, and got all dressed up. I believe Halloween was on a Saturday that year too. I waited and waited…


and waited some more.

Not a knock…

Not a doorbell to be heard.

To say I was a wee bit distressed would be exaggerating. LOL

Finally, well into dark, the critters and creatures began the assault. I took my giant bowl of candy and sat out on the porch. Can I tell you? I was in my own private Heaven…

Or should I say Hell?

A very Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to all!

May you walk safely through the darkness and those of you, like myself, who will be lighting candles for those lost loved ones and pets this year, be safe.

Congratulations to the Got Wolf Anthology authors. Our anthology is selling well and better than anyone anticipated. Keep up the good work, Ladies.


Now did I mention I will be sending one lucky commenter a Halloween/Autumn goodie bag? Well, I think we’ll ride this out until November 1st at midnight because technically we are still embracing the holiday in some cults, so anyone who posts how they celebrate the Halloween/ Samhain tradition will be entered into a drawing. So let’s get sharing, shall we?

Callie Lynn


  1. I wanna come to your house for Halloween. We have the only decorated house on the street. One block over a family has a pumpkin. I think I need to stir up some excitement for Halloween!!! I too love this time of year. I don't know if I will make it to the front porch or stay on the couch (snow is kinda cold) but I do have a big bowl of candy. A purple one covered in black bats and witches hats. We always spend the month of October revewing haunted programming. For my youngest this means all the Disney Halloween Town movies, all the Scooby movies, Hocus Pocus, The Witches and whatever else he can find. Today we are watching shows about haunted houses. Then on Halloween itself we start the evening off with pizza, go trick or treating, a Halloween or Samhain celebration and end the evening with hot apple cider. We also always remember to honor those who have left us and passed on.

    Have a wonderful Halloween/Samhain Callie!!! And watch out for those dissapearing chocolates.

  2. I start decorating the house at the end of September with harvest decorations of orange, brown and gold. I love the haunted decorations, too. We have one of hitchhiking ghosts from the Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. He glows in the dark. We placed him by the fireplace to display his eerie grin.

    My table cloth is orange and black and has cats, pumpkins and bats on it. The I have a spirit ball with a witch's head for the centerpiece. The spirit ball scares our cats and our dogs bark at it every time the witch cackles her warning.

    My curio in the kitchen displays a ghostly tea set and witches and a painted haunted house made of wood. On top, pumpkins, bats, and winged sexy-vampires hover with a watchful eye.

    Let's not forget the front yard. My scarecrow sign welcomes visitors and my little witch stands on the porch. My signs are haunted house ghost and witches' Inn and our doorbell is the the Haunted Mansion emblem from Disney--okay, I admit this stays all year round. lol

    Love Halloween!
    Take Care.

  3. Growing up, my Grandmother could work wonders with a white sheet. Let's just say I inherited the gift. I live next to a cemetary, and I have three large black dogs. It doesn't take much to spook the little ones (or most of the big ones, either) when you're blessed with this kind of scenery. I drape a few white sheets over the bushes throughout the yard and it looks like the spirits are out to play (or is that haunt?) for a while. Next, I curl up with a good book. Only problem is no one is brave enough to come to my house on Halloween. Go figure...

  4. Thank you for dropping in Lill, Karen and Pen. Hope you are having a wonderfully ghoulish day.

    I think I'd like to visit Pen and Karen's houses as well:) Oh to live next to a cemetery. How haunted is that!? Wow! I'd trick or treat at you house just for the thrill of it, Pen.

    Believe it or not, Lill, I didn't buy any candy that I like so I won't eat it. At least this year I didn't. I learned the last... uh hmmm...several years. LOL


    I have a beautiful black rose centerpiece in a gothic urn and howling wolf figures that stand on either side. My dining room table and hearth mantle don black lace web table cloth and mantle covers. I have a ficus shimmering with amber lights beside the fireplace and tombstones, skulls and jack-o-lanterns glowing on every flat surface along with a black cat and iron candlelabras with flame bulbs, LOL And change the curio with the seasons like you. Really, too much to mention. The jack-o-lanterns will go along with the other Halloween specific decor and the autumn and Thanksgiving decor will remain until mid November at which time the Christmas decor(we fondly call "the festival of the lights") will migrate out. DH will do the outdoor illuminaton for this one:)


  5. Pen,
    You live next to a cemetery? Wow, that would be interesting. I can see why the kids may stay clear of your place. Cemetery--spirits out to play in your yard. lol

    A candlelabras with flame bulbs--cool. I have the autumn decor that will stay up until after Thanksgiving-- yep, the Christmas decor goes up next. :)

  6. Callie and All --The little goblins are getting ready to descend. Lil-You have snow??? I'm so jealous. I'm in a tank top and it's still hot here. I would love to have some cold weather. I have no decor, but two garden spiders have obviously taken pity and made large webs at the corners of the porch.
    Have a safe and scary Halloween!

  7. I just LOVE the images in this post - stories are already whispering to my fevrish brain. This is great, Callie Lynn! Happy haunting to everyone this All Hallow's - it's been a wonderful and interesting month here, with some fabulous posts!

    Blessings to all...

  8. Hi Callie. The decorations outside my home have been with us for many years. I made them when my kids were little; they still look like new. On our porch, a big carved pumpkin with candles inside to light his face. Mums of yellow and purple grace the steps and a skeleton hangs from the tree. My children are grown, but like their mother, they still dress up for Halloween. Above all, with the many trees turning color, we celebrate the change of seasons. And we celebrate imagination. Tomorrow on All Soul's day, I'll light a candle for those no longer among us and pray peace for their souls.

    I loved the spirit of your post. Happy Halloween. ~ Mickey

  9. Evening Mallary, Mickey, and Denyse!

    The ghosts, ghouls, and goblins have gone back to whereever they hang for the year and the decorations are half put away. I'm doing my thanks and blessing as well edits, LOL

    Denyse, I'm glad my pics are inspirational to you. I spend a lot of time picking out stock photos and clip art for posts. I'm really quite picky, LOL

    Mickey, thank you for sharing your traditional celebration. It quite mirrors my own except for the children as I've only always had furry ones:)

    Tank top? are you down here in Florida with me or might you be on the other sided of the country, LOL California?

    Happy Samhain and Halloween all and good night.

    Callie Lynn

  10. Well, since I have a 4 year old who MUST dress up about 30 times a day and fantasizes about candy, bats, jackolanterns, witches, mummies, etc., I guess we celebrate the old-fashioned US way---decorate and haunt. ;) I hope you all are recovering from last night's festivities.

  11. Hi, Skhye:)

    Well rested and very reflective today. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Happy New Year and may the harvest be all you need, seeing you are the Celtic queen:)

    Callie Lynn

  12. Great post, Callie Lynn. You are in Florida, too? I am in the Tampa area and we had a pleasantly warm Halloween night. Almost a full moon, too. Perfect Samhain! We decorated with headstones with crows perched on them and skeletons climbing out of the ground. Trees and doorways covered in cobwebs and full of spiders. And of course, I was a witch, but no warts or green skin. More like Glinda. We passed out candy and also celebrated Samhain with seasonal dishes and honoring our deceased love ones. A great day.

  13. Hi Callie!
    I'm checking in late after the Samhain festivities and it was fulfilling as usual. I hand out tricks/treats from my decorated garage so I decorated it with cobwebs & spiders, lights, a real bubbling cauldron, my firepit, lighted jack o'lanterns and of course, one large bowl of candy! It's so much fun, I dressed up as a 'dark goth goddess' (complete with nose ring) and my husband, being his usual ironic self, decided he would be an unemployed helicopter pilot (meaning he had a sign instead of a costume) but he wasn't afraid to be seen in public with me for dinner afterwards so you have to love a man who walks on the wild side!!!!
    I was shocked at how many people bring cameras to take pictures of their kids trick or treating, and doubly shocked by how many took their kids pictures next to my carved pumpkins! We had a great time visiting with neighbors (all except for the one who obviously didn't participate in Halloween. He eyed us menacingly as I was putting up decorations and when the sun went down his light went off...bah/humbug!)
    A big hello to everyone as we now move toward the holiday season and I look forward to great new reads from all of us (myself included!).

  14. Hi, Autumn. Your garage celebration sounds delightful. I'm glad you stopped by. Now for the drawing:) I'll post the winner shortly.

    Stay turned, everyone!


  15. Ahh! I won tricks and treats. Wahoo! Hey, please exclude things that jump out of the bag!!! Thanks!