Monday, October 19, 2009

Zombies are people, too.

Yes, you read that right. Zombies are people, too. So don't be hating! LOL

I didn't make this all up. In fact... there is a lot more on Zombies and their brothers, Vampires. In 1935 in Key West Florida an outbreak of Zombieism broke out after a hurricane. Over 200 people were infected.
The vaccine is 100% infected. Before the vaccine those who contracted the disease - virus, died within days if not months.
~~Happy Halloween~~


  1. Morning, Catherine!
    I love your witch hat and the black rose!
    I learned something new today and am off to Google this Zombie-ism thing....
    Hope to find some spook-tacular info ;-)


  2. Hi Catherine!

    Oh, that was so gross! But what awesome information! You've sparked my interest in zombies with one video blog while my brother has been trying for years to get me to write a zombie story. Spooky!

    Love your outfit, btw!


  3. Oh, good. I'm happy to have opened the door of new information to both of you.

  4. Hon, you look great -- complete with a black rose! Excellent (though icky, LOL) information ;).

  5. Hi, Catherine! Those zombies are gross! Guess they won't be popping up as hero's or heroine's. But they can be a great complication to a romance plot.

  6. Helen: Very icky! Thanks

    Susan: I'm thinking hero status they aren't, but the villian? Hmm... Maybe.

  7. Interesting post. What a clever way to post it, too. Loved the video presentation.

  8. Hi Hon! Boy, you went all theatrical today - love the pretty lace hat, very fetching *g* Good info on the medical side of Zombies - interesting stuff. There is, of course, the old voodoo legends as well - where an evil person would keep people as zombies (supposedly with the use of curare and other toxins) There does seem to be some truth to that as well.

  9. EEWWW! Okay, that was very informative, if a bit gross. : ) I'm so glad there aren't hurricanes in California.

    I love the hat.

  10. Well, you learn something new everyday. :) I love the rose and the hat!

  11. Karen - Welcome to my lil' world of video blogging.

  12. Angel: You do know that deep down in side I'm a thesbian without a stage, right? Ahhh to vodoo end of zombies is even more interesting.

  13. Lynne: You and me both, sister!

    Karilyn: The hat is the hit!

  14. This is great fun - and if you like the whole Zombie thing, you really need to get a copy of Michael Spradlin's new release: "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Zombies" - OMG, what that man does to a Christmas Carol....

    Great blog!!!

    Hugs, Denysé

  15. Hey Catherine,

    I LOVE zombie stuff. Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies is an amazing book (by Jane Austin and Seth Grahame-Smith), and one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.

    I think the issue is that most zombie material is "funny" rather than "sensual". I mean, rotting body parts don't make for solid romance. Can you picture getting a little something more with your goodnight smooch after the first date? LOL

    Sorry, I'm rambling, but I do adore the genre. I think we can expect more zombie goodness in the future. *smile*