Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday. With friends, family, or a combination of both. Today is a day where we should all pause and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. There are the big things. Such as health, our homes, jobs, etc. I know that I am grateful to my friends and family for their love and support. I am of course grateful for being part of The Wild Rose Press and a member of the Black Rose corner of the garden. I love what I do here and the opportunity to work with authors and make their dreams come true is a wonderful and rewarding experience. I love what I do!!!

I would also like to remind everyone to remember the other things that we often take for granted. There are many out there who have so much less than we do. We can walk into a library or bookstore and pick a book up off the shelves without censorship. The ability to read, to write, to express ourselves in forums like this.

I am thankful for the beautiful views that I have out my windows and the sounds of Beatles rockband in the background. (Though I must admit I cringe at what they are doing to the songs, LOL).

I am also thankful today for those who are away from their family in foreign countries. Putting our country first before themselves. Thank you!!

Simply put, I am thankful for my life and where I am today and I invite you to think about the Small things, those things we overlook in our daily life. A flick of a light switch, leftovers, fuzzy blankets, a warm fire, flowers, the rain, a clear sky, and myriad other things!

Have a wonderful holiday... enjoy your dinner and dessert and the love of family and friends. May you day be filled with love, laughter and lasting memories.

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