Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Writing places

Do you write upon a chair?
Do you write here or there?
I write, I write, a bit of everywhere.
Ok, so you now see why I am not a poet. :) My blog is about how I write, although I'm not sure my way is recommended for everyone.

When I first started writing we lived in a house where the computer was upstairs, so I had to hike up there away from everything to write. Didn't get much writing done, but I did play a lot of solitaire. My hubby bought me a laptop so that I could sit downstairs with him. But that didn't work either b/c he sits in front of the TV and I can't come up with sentences while distractions are around. So I grabbed my laptop and moved it to the bedroom.

Yep. The bedroom.

Now I've read articles discussing how to design your office, where to put the desk and computer, how not to have your desk close to the fridge, etc., but I have no office. Maybe this is b/c I'm a pantser and don't do a lot of research. Or I like the way the bed feels when I sit on it. Whatever the reason, you can find me typing away in the bedroom or as I am now, sitting on the floor, laptop on my legs. Sitting with my legs straight out and the laptop on top of them is way more comfortable than sitting in a chair at a desk or table.

As far as when I write, it's in the evenings after I get home from work, usually between the hours of 8 and 9. I try to make myself disciplined enough to sit and write before I nod off. Personally, I like to sleep and have never understood those writers who have the ability to stay up all night or wake up early in the mornings and write. I really admire you guys, but just can't do it. The sentences run on, and on, and on, the scenes head off in all directions and the characters sit down and take a break and I have to rewrite the whole thing the next day. So I might as well save myself the effort and sleep. :)

What about you? Where do you write? When do you write? However you do it, keep up the great work!


  1. I am one of those late at niters. I am not one to get up with the rooster, so since I am up I might as well write, right? I have a hard time sleeping.
    I can't write early I have other things to do. But late at night when everyone is asleep, it so quiet then.

  2. LOL. I used to stay up 'til 4 and 5 a.m. writing, but now that I have a "real" job again, it's either go to sleep or don't make to work in the mornings. I must admit that I still stay up until midnight writing - night owl and all - but most of my writing is relegated to weekends.
    I tried sitting in an office writing, but kept feeling like I was missing something. Moved everything (computer, desk, and other writing doo-dads) to the front of my house (dining room, actually) and I've been in writing glory ever since. I can even stop and look at the cemetery next door for inspiration :)

  3. I write in my dining room, real close to the fridge. Must mean I'm really disciplined. LOL. And my best writing time is early in the afternoon.

  4. My best writing time is early weekend mornings while my teens are asleep. I also write in my car during my lunch break--the writing quarters are a little cramped, but I have a lovely view of Mt. Rose!

  5. I have a back room with a wall of windows. Great view of Mother Nature and a cool forest to the side. I can write day or night, but only in here on my laptop, which is set on an old kitchen table. I edit in a different room in the house, but writing? Right here :) Okay, so I'm a creature of habit - I love my view!

  6. I use my laptop so it's easy to bounce from room to room. I used to write mostly at night after the kids went to bed, but now that I'm back at work I'm so exhausted. I tend to fall asleep with the laptop...in my lap! Now, I write during the day, in the living room with the kids playing on the floor and my husband watching TV. The kids don't allow me to hide away in another room as I would like to do, but they're content to let me sit on the couch with my earphones listening to music to drown out the noisy playing and TV. Hey, I do what I have to do and so far it works. :-)

  7. Sounds like you're living the life, Tricia! Probably feels hectic, but I love the balance of it..."her words flowed onto the page in the midst of apparent chaos..." I can picture it and it sounds wonderful :)

  8. I have a desk in the kitchen where I write. Since I have a laptop, I tend to move around the house for a change of scenery. Seems to help the muse. lol