Saturday, November 28, 2009

Writing Tips and Tricks: A notebook

For writing in general, one trick I use is to keep a notebook handy - a small one that I can slip into a purse or a pocket. I never know when something around me will be useful for a work-in-progress or future book. It's good writing to use the senses to place your reader right inside your book, so the way the sky purples right before the sun dips below the horizon, the salty-sweet smell of rice krispies treats baking that zaps me back to childhood, the essence of steam rising off skin that comes right before a state of arousal explodes or how a dew-soaked dawn sounds, bird song and squirrel chatter. You never know when an idea will hit, so it is good to keep this notebook close. I regret it when a line of dialogue hits me when I'm on the freeway and I can't pull over to write it down. Some writers keep tape recorders in their cars for this purpose, but even reaching over to switch on a tape or MP3 recorder feels a bit risky to me.

I'm a new author and quite inexperienced at blogging, so please bear with me!

Carolina Montague
Sacred Guardian, July 2010

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