Monday, December 21, 2009

December is a challenge

I love Christmas. I love December. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even an organized person can find the hoopla before that all-important day a bit exhausting. I have nothing but pure admiration when someone offers me homemade cookies a full ten days before the 25th... And her home is completely decorated the day after Thanksgiving.

Not so with me. Finding balance during December is a challenge. For a music teacher, it is concert time, with rehearsals, set-up, programs to prepare, etc. No matter how hard I try, my students’ performances, plus other musical commitments, throws all that organization I religiously practice the other eleven months right out the window. Now that my own children are grown, you’d think this would get easier, right? No way. So I give myself a break from keeping up with others who lead pre-holiday organized lives. I’ve learned to just go with the flow.

Professional commitments in December come first. After all, an entire school is waiting for our chorus to usher in the holiday spirit. An entire church choir is counting on my fingers to fly over the keys with passion and accuracy. Writing happens in sporadic spurts, and I use time wisely by editing a current manuscript. I answer emails a day or two late, and I prioritize that list of things to do. My family understands. I guess that’s the greatest gift a mother can give herself—raising caring adults who accept my busiest days. The cookies, my mother’s infamous recipe that feeds a small army, eventually get baked. The tree gets decorated with ornaments that have very special meanings. The house gets cleaned and the presents get wrapped.

When the last chord is played at Midnight Mass, busy is behind me, and joy swells in my soul. On Christmas morning, presents are opened, and I prepare a wonderful breakfast for my family. A plate of Mom’s cookies graces the table as well. She is remembered with love and I realize how much I miss her. Christmas music fills the air and balance comes back into my life.

I guess the point is that sometimes we just have to let go of our organization skills and let the angels take over. They are always in my life.

So Happy Christmas to all our talented Black Roses! May your angels circle ’round and light your lives with love, peace, and good health during the holidays you and yours celebrate.

~ Mickey ♪

P.S. Just had to share with you my new book cover from the very talented Angela Anderson.

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