Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays to one and all!

Thank you, Lill, for inviting me to post here today. My topic of choice is what I love about the holiday season. Geez, where do I start? 

Well, for me the holidays are a special time of year, full of fun, love, anticipation, kindness, a stronger sense of the giving to others expecially those who are in greater need than we are. Not so much in the commercial sense but more so in the supportive sense of the term. Funny how we tend to be more aware of the dire straights of others during this time of year and tend to be oblivious during much of the rest of the year.

I love the festive lights and decorations, and for many years the desire and hope that Christmas would be a white one. No problem with that wish this year for much of the Northeast, eh?  I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey and miss the element of snow for the holidays, but am also happy to not have to deal with the mess in every day life:) Winter is beautiful if you can just enjoy it, isn't it? But too many years of de-icing, shoveling, and driving on black ice sort of gets old, LOL  Not to mention freezing and all the bulky clothing.

The same storm that has brought so much snow this past week to the northeast has dumped more than two feet of rain on us in one day!  We, fortunately, only had a couple of inches of water in our garage but many homes and businesses were flooded with knee-deep water. Wow! Been eightteen years since this area has seen that much water.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Christmas to me is Charlie Brown, The Grinch, yards of multi-colored lights and garland, homemade cookies, get-togethers with friends and families, all the classic holiday movies and so much more.

I remember not being able to sleep as a child and waking my parents in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas day and the piles of gifts around the tree which seemed huge to me then. I remember seeing that Santa had really been there because I saw the cookie crumbs and empty milk glass on the side table.

I have watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" every year without fail since it came out in 1965--I believe was the year. I still display child-like excitement every single year. I decorate inside and out, and still believe in Santa.  Afterall, you can't see God and you believe in him, right?  So how can you debate Santa?  And besides, you can go online and watch Santa's progress every year.  Proof enough for me.

With that all said, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  For those of you who celebrate in other ways a hearty Happy Holidays to you!

With the New Year comes a fresh start.  New Year's Resolutions and brand new goals.

Next month, after all the festivities have run there course, my plan is to reorganize. I am going to stick to some pretty strict goals with my writing.  I have never written holiday specific stories and plan on trying my hand at that. I also plan to complete Roma Wolf Tales Book II as yet untitled... 

I also have an erotic novella to complete which TWRP's Scarlet line has an interest in and two crime suspense novels to complete--one a rewrite and the second a sequel to the first. LOL busy I will be!  I also would like to have at least one novel and a couple of shorts publish per year.  Tall order, you think?  All I can do is work toward it and see where I get.

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  1. Hi, Dayana! I'm a huge fan of Charlie Brown too. :) I even hear the Charlie Brown Christmas music NOW! I kid you not. The neighbor is blaring it. LOL


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  2. Good luck with your 2010 goals! Happy Holidays!