Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making time to write during a hectic season

Lists and schedules are what get me through any period, but even more so this close to Christmas. I have lists of writing projects that I want or have (if I’m under contract) to complete in a certain period of time.

Right now, I don’t have anything under contract, so most of my time is spent promoting the stories that have recently released and working on new projects that I plan to submit. I make lists of what I want to do and break them down into monthly projects. For instance, this month I’m editing a work in progress. My hope is to finish it by mid-January, make a print out, then start on the synopsis.

I also have other works in progress that I plan to complete in 2010. But for the month of December, I’ve kept track of pages edited on a daily basis. Some days, I can get 20 pages done, another day it might be 5 or even just 1. And some days I don’t get to my wip at all due to other obligations, but by tracking what I have done, I feel I’m at least moving in the right direction.

And I do the same thing with Christmas obligations. I make lists and a schedule of what will get done when.

It seems to work, because I’m not running around like a maniac or worrying about things I still have to get done. And for me, my favorite part of Christmas is the lights. While I don’t go overboard myself, I love to look at light displays. And I have just enough lights in my own house so I feel festive. Another important ritual for me is baking chocolate chip cookies and making fudge.

And now it’s Christmas Eve, I have time to sit back and do what I enjoy. Spend time with family and reflect on what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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