Wednesday, December 30, 2009

 Oh Sh*t ~ What Time Is IT??



How many times have you mumbled or thought one of these:

There are never enough hours in a day!

There are never enough days in a week!


8 Days a week! (Thank you, The Beatles, for coining that phrase.)

If only I had more time!

Time flies when you’re having fun!


Spring ahead ~ nooo! We lose a precious hour during this cycle and quite frankly, it screws up mine for a week.

Fall back ~ SWEET! We get to lounge around in bed an extra 60 minutes if we’re lucky. I am deemed an unlucky one. I tend to worry my alarm won’t go off on time and I watch the seconds tick my life away until the blasted thing explodes and wakes the dead. Then and only then do I aim for the snooze button.


FYI: There’s 365 days in a year: 52 weeks: 8765.81277 hours: & 31,556,926 seconds in a year. I did not waste my time calculating this, but I did, looking it up.

Of this useless info 2,920 are spent sleeping. 24 minutes lost one way to travel back and forth to work; 7.6 hours spent at work…eh! And 2.6 hours spent doing chores. Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for much of anything else. What exactly is time you’re wondering?


Time: the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists.

Management: the act or art of managing. Control. Direction. (To which I have none.)


Time management: Doesn’t exist within the dictionary and there in lays all of our problems!

Without a proper definition how are we to muddle our way through the day?

There’s wedding planners to get you down the isle in a timely fashion, funeral directors to scoop you up after your time’s up, traffic cops to just flat out ruin your time, travel agents to make your time worth while, but no one out there with the title of Time Managers. I think I’m onto something. Can you imagine people out there running around telling you what time it is and what you have to do? Wait a minute, hold the horses, isn’t that thing called a spouse???

Or your boss???


Shopping centers are open day and night. Gyms and fitness centers are pumping with the same enthusiasm. Gas stations and fast food joints are ready, willing and able to fuel our hot little car or the minivan and our growling bellies, but the problem is people need sleep. People need relaxation, leisure time ~ to download, unwind and feel there’s more to life than all work and no play coz let’s face it, without playtime, it makes Jack a dull boy ~ scuse me ~ girlJ

Companies want you more productive, want you to basically throw up a tent in your cubicle and give them 110% of you.

You go home and your family expects more than your employer.

There’s chores, soccer games, cheerleading meets, marketing… need I go on?

Calgon take me away? I’m gonna go out a limb and state I just dated myself with that line. Am I right???

When can we find the time to write and enjoy our time?

The answer, you’re wondering???

Ya gotta make time.


As a self proclaimed pantser, this is not going to be an easy task for me for the obvious reasons. I tend to land where the winds have blown me. That whole three steps forward, two backwards has me for a poster child ~ eh ~ matured woman, and I use the term matured looselyJ

For the record I truly am as scattered brained as I appear most days, but, I am an intelligent scatterbrain, if there is such a thing! I live for chaos. Thrive in it actually. Too much time on my hands and I tend to get into all kinds of trouble.

Sad but true. Love that song by Metallica! Sorry, mini tangent.

 For me, at this point in time, until all my books hit the top 10 bestsellers list ( a girl’s gotta have dreams) my job is my 2nd priority. Family has and always will come 1st. No ifs ands or buts.

Unfortunately, saying that by 6:00- 6:30 every morning (in the bleeding dark now that it’s winter) I’m off to work for some days up to 10-12 hours. No two days are ever the same since I work with the mentally disabled, and I don’t mean my coworkers, although… there’s a few that could be tossed into the lot. Then it’s home to cook, clean, play with the dog, play with the dog some more and then maybe settle in front of this thing and hope my muse isn’t as worn out as I am.

Some days it’s a lost cause. I wake up with my face melded into my desk, drool in places it shouldn’t be and a stiff neck. Other days time flies by and I find I’ve been up all night partying with all the voices in my head giving everyone their say. I write whenever and wherever I can. Most of the time though its small allotted snippets of those sacred moments where its just me and my keyboard preparing to share our secrets to the world. Weekends work wonders, especially when you vow not to shower or come out of your cave for even food or water ~ caffeine’s a whole other beast. And now that I am embarking on a new career path, my studies will take up much of my time as well.

There’s just never enough to go around……….


Time is our most precious commodity. Treat her with kid gloves. Make time for her. Make time for you, because if you don’t life goes by in the blink of an eye and although your Timex may take a licking and keep on ticking, you won’t.

I believe the sand in my egg timer just ran out!

Jaclyn Tracey


Eden’s Black Rose ~ Release date Feb 19th, 2010  (Happy dance time!)


*Happy New Year to each of you. I hope it is prosperous and filled with laughter and love.



  1. Wow...I had a hard time just keeping up with you! LOL! I completely agree you must make time for yourself! If you don't take care of yourself everything around you will eventually fall to pieces.

  2. I need more time. Can I borrow some of yours?

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to trade time...maybe I need to write a story. ;)

    I have a list and a schedule for the kids. That's the best I can do to manage my time. That and put off housekeeping as long as possible. And really I need those hours of sleep...otherwise mom turns into a very grumpy wolf-momma.

  3. Emma, regardless of my best intentions, my time gets away from me, as you Writing is my time to relax and enjoy life so I tend to run with it...

    Beth, I think you're onto to something. I like the time-swap thing. It's kinds like time-share minus the condo on the resort.
    As for housework you hit the nail on the head. Popele don't usually die from too much dust:)
    Happy New Year Ladies.

  4. Hey, Jaclyn, I enjoyed your post. A lot of it sounded all too familiar. My hubby and I own two small businesses and I am going to school full time. This makes it hard to find the time to write. Very often, it's either finish that chapter or sleep. But, we write because we have no choice. It's in our blood, in our very soul. We can't stop. I just wish I had a clone. For the chores, of course.

  5. Thanks Tiffany. I agree with you 100%. It's in our blood, like we've been bitten and we're doomed to write steamy romance storeis the rest of our days.
    The clone is awesome idea too. If only, and of course only for the chores.

  6. I have no deadlines for writing novels or really anything at this point in my life, but I still do not have enough time in a day. I really don't know how someone with a deadline makes it anymore ???

  7. Judy, that makes two of us :)
    We just do the best we can and keep our fingers crossed. Thank you for stopping by.
    My droopy eyelids are telling me my time's up for the evening. Wish sweet dreams to all and happy new year.

  8. Hey, Jack! I've done this time management thing too on my blog. LOL I have no time--EVER! I also work a 40 hour day job then come home to another 40 hour a week job and I'm not referring to homekeeper and cheif dinner maker. I technically work two full-time jobs with normal every day life somewhere in the middle. No kids, but a husband and a Sheltie, Bea, that depend on me. So I have to agree with every rushed breathless word you have uttered here.

    Life is busy today and I have to say I have to agree with Judy. I would never in my wildest dreams be able to write under a deadline. I give those to myself all the time. Nope, not happening. The harder I try to get ahead it seems the further behind I tend to find myself.

    Anyway, if anyone has a good time management planner they'd like to loan out, please by all means let me know. I'll hire him/her in a heartbeat:)

    Great post, Jack, though I have to tell you, I was exhausted after reading it *grin*


  9. Hi D~
    Thanks. I'd drop with 2 full time jobs and then trying to write? Palpitations hit me at the very idea.

    Ya see, that's what I'm talking about~ there's no set rules to time management. Ya gotta live for the moment and do it on a wing and a prayer that ya make the right choices. Tomorrow is all about second chances if we screw up today and don't finish what we intended to.

    Happy New Year D~
    Hope it is filled with laughter and love and good fortune.

  10. Some of this sounds familiar. Time—I want more. lol

    Have a Happy New Year!

  11. Karen~ I couldn't have said it better myself. Seriously, you accomplished in one sentence what took me 3 pages to say:)
    Off to begin the new year since I survived last night:)

    Happy New Year.

  12. OMG Jaclyn, you are writing my life here! I am trying to become an ex-panster as we speak because I spend way too much time editing and not enough time writing new material. And I spent 15 years working in a state MR facility as a radiographer. So, let me just tell you what a big chuckle I got out of your mentally disabled comment! Happy New Year to you too. And BTW, I so understood the Calgon comment!

  13. Lilly,
    Tortured minds think alike. Thank you...
    I would think after 15 years in a mental institute my mind would be... what was I saying?