Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time well spent

Hi All,
I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts about time management. Here's my take on it.

When I was first starting off as a writer, before I'd joined RWA, I sent one of my favorite authors an email asking if she had any suggestions for a beginning writer. Now, I've gotta admit I was hoping she'd read my three sentences praising her work, decide I was a wonderful author and offer her agent/editor up on a silver platter along with a free critique. Never hurts to be hopeful. :) It's amazing what we think, eh? Anyway, she did not read between the lines of the email, but she did answer my question. Her answer? Sit butt in chair and write. I thought, duh, I already know that.

Well, now that I've written more, I realize, I have trouble with that. Sure, it sounds logical. After all, how many of us really stand to write, or shop and write? But actually making time in our busy schedules to write, now that takes some effort.

I find it's hard. I try to schedule a certain amount of time per day to write, but also have trouble sticking to that schedule. Sometimes life intrudes. It's hard. But if we want to be writers, then we have to make that time to put our butts in the chair and let our fingers fly across the keyboard. Or at least hover. :) So now that I've given my pep talk, I'm going to try to take my own advice.

Happy writing! And Happy Holidays to each of you!



  1. Oops, this was supposed to publish on 12/10, but I guess I need help on setting it to publish in the future. Thought I set it then. My apologies!

  2. Nice post, Karilyn! It is hard to find time! Especially this time of year.


  3. Life does intrude. I know those days well. lol I also tend to read all the wonderful posts on the yahoo groups. Before I know it, a couple of hours have gone by and I haven't looked at my story. lol

    Enjoyed your post. Now I have to get back to work!! :)

  4. Remember to watch out for those pesky elves and gremlins Karilyn, LOL

    Great post and simply put. In order to write... we need to write. Now that is easier said and done especially at this time of year. I have been remiss myself in commenting on the blog. But as you said... if we want something to happen then we have to make it happen.