Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tipping the Writer's Seesaw & 2 contests!

Balance in writing? Is there such a thing?

I'm the last person who should be blogging about this lovely topic today. LOL. This year, I'm recovering from Lyme Disease. That's it. :( Okay, I spend a lot of time educating my 4 year old daughter--reading, addition, science, telling time, understanding the concept of earning candy rewards for productivity, etc. So, you're probably wondering what in the heck this post is for. Never fear. I do have purpose.

My favorite quote sums up my motivation for writing: "Be the change you want to see in the world." (Ghandi) When that doesn't help, I just eat candy. Okay. Okay. That's not what you want to hear...

I've always juggled my daily chores (unforgiving chuckling life) with the fun and fulfillment of writing by allocating time for revisions, writing a first draft, or preparing a submission. It's tough this year because I rarely succeed with the fibromyalgia knots in my upper back and neck. I may only find 5 hours a week to sit at the computer and work. And said hours rarely come together because of the upper back pain. I feel like a hunchback zombie. Being unable to focus and produce on a story drives me insane. How does anyone write let alone keep up with all their characters without being able to focus 24-7? Since my Time Guardian storyworld is founded upon numerology, I shall digress...

I'm the type of person who spends my time totally immersed in my current obsession. I tend to be a #1 (think Ares or Jack Russell Terrier) at work, i.e. writing. No laughing to those of you who actually hang with me in person!!! The #1 is the magician card in Tarot. The magician can focus to make magic happen. ;) Since my choice of blogging here on the 13th was for numerological reasons, I might as well confess that my #1 work ethic makes me forget the world and write. I couldn't even remember to turn on the dishwasher when swimming in that vast seductive ocean! When I'm interrupted during writing, I become extremely irritated. I wrote 4-5 novels a year before baby. Then I had a planned pregnancy. I didn't write at all the first year of my daughter's life. Now, I'm lucky to write a novel a year. But Mom retires Friday!!! I'm banking on a few hours a few days a week to get back in the swing of things. I'll have to keep you updated. Until Jan 13th when I can report again, I'm anxious to see how everyone else handles riding the great seesaw of a writer's life here at the Black Rose blog.

In conclusion, if you're like me and need a boot in the arse most days, know you are not alone. :) I find blogging about my reference-book collection, running a contest at my blog, or starting up a new promo opportunity like a yahoo author group keeps me feeling productive. And since you're here, enter to win my huge prize for December--a cache of Time Guardian treasure.

1 box GOOD MEDICINE Native American herbal tea (in honor of the Native-American hero of my novel FORBIDDEN ETERNITY)
2 vials cinnamon oil (flavoring guaranteed to spice up baked goods that's reminiscent of a Time Guardian Ring Master, i.e. dragon's breath. Use with caution.)
1 Voodoo Doll Little Wizard keychain (Little Wizard can help acheive a goal in school or work. He can help dreams come true, but only for someone else. He cannot help his owner. HE OF THE FIERY SWORD's King Arthur could have used one!)
1 AN ENGLISH LADYMASS: MEDIEVAL CHANT AND POLYPHONY album by Anonymous 4 (for the medieval period feel)
1 SCOTTISH TEATIME RECIPES (To reproduce a bit of SWORDSONG ambiance; ISBN: 1-898935-18-9)
The wee-est scrimshaw sailing-ship pendant (For those Time-Guardian wannabes like Twila Deeds in SACRIFICIAL HEARTS yearning for a journey through time and across space...)

To enter, just join me here.

I've also been fortunate to find myself in another contest... Enter to win a $50 WRP gift certificate.

My favorite holiday tradition is gift shopping. I love to find things I know people will love to possess. This is probably why I have so many contests on my website, blog, author group... Since the Winter Solstice quickly approaches, stay warm and make merry in whatever way you choose, my friends! Me, I'm off to purchase another box of these. ~Skhye

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  1. In some ways Skhye I'm like you, when I'm in the writing zone don't bug me. This gets hard when I write a lunch time on the day job, and get so into a scene I realize I've been writing for 2 hours. I told myself I will get better about time management in the New Year, I didn't do bad this year but I know I can do better.


  2. And here I thought I was the only one in the world who couldn't find time to write! My husband and I own two small businesses and I am going back to school full time for my MBA. Fitting all that in between being wife and mother can be crazy!

  3. Good luck to both of you! Tiffany, I hope those children can fix their own bowl of Wheaties in the mornin'!

  4. You go Skhye! When you feel better, you will rocket back into the book stuff and be better and even more prolific than before!
    Well, I hope so anyways Skhye.
    But knowing you the sky's the limit!

  5. LOL, you use that word sky so well! ;) Thanks, Mary. I hope you're feeling better today.

  6. I also have my zone time and "don't bother me please." I can't have outside distraction to write.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Shh. But I can't even have noises around me to read. I am truly a tortured writer. ;)

  8. I feel your pain. I didn't write at all the first year after I had a planned child, too. Um...I won't tell you the rest. Just that it does get better :)

  9. LOL. Nothing could be as bad as the moment I found my toddler eating a hairball! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH She does now play for extended periods of time with her million tiny plastic accessories and the My Little Ponies, princesses, etc. that came with them. So, Liana, so true... so true!

  10. Your determination will get you back into the game!!! And btw.. there is nothing wrong with eating candy!!!

  11. Wow, what a year you've had! May your new year be less hectic and very productive!

  12. I tend to write when the muse strikes and when that finally happens no one better even think of bothering me, LOL I am not a scheduled writer by any means and can't sit down and say, "okay, I'll work on this project today." Nope, it's take or leave whatever idea wiggles around in my brain at that moment.

    I plan on getting into some heavy goals this coming year. I only hope I can meet half of them!

    Great post, Skhye.


  13. very nice blog. I just bookmarked your blog.