Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to December

A hearty holiday hello to everyone.

As usual I am running late with my post. It is a good thing that this month's topic is about how to balance writing with all the other things in our lives. Day jobs, family, school and all those other things that intrude on our writing time. I know that I will be reading everyone's posts looking for things that will work in my life!

Come join us for a fun filled December and pick up some ideas on how to make it all work within the confines of a 24 hour day (or maybe 24 and 1/2 for some of us).

We are also going to be talking about those things that make the holidays special to us. Do you have a favorite tradition? Maybe it is a dish you always make or a special memory. I know that one thing that I LOVE about the holidays is decorating the tree. It was always a house-filled event in my youth with whatever friends or family happened to be in the neighborhood. The chaos was topped off with hot chocolate with whipped cream. I've never been able to get my sons into the spirit but I haven't stopped trying!!!

I look forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to jump in.


  1. Decorating the tree is a family event in my family even now. And since my oldest daughter moved to Germany in March 2007, we've made a new tradition. For the last three years, my youngest daughter's boyfriend who is over six feet tall, puts the angel on the tree. This new tradition ensures that she and the boyfriend help decorate!

    I used to think Christmas was about tradition. Now I know it's about keeping the traditions you can and creating new ones whenever possible. Life, is about change and going with the flow!

  2. My mother always makes homemade dumplings with tomato sauce. It's an old Italian dish passed down through the generations. Yummy!