Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Good Morning to all my friends at the Black Rose Blog,
I have a cup of coffee. I'm in my PJ's and this is a scene
outside my back door. Buried in snow. Love it.
Unfortunately, I have to be at work at 2:30pm for the night
shift. But that's okay. It gives me the morning to spend with
ya'll and finish the edits I promised Callie.
Balancing two jobs, two teenagers (3 if you count my DH),
3 dogs, 4 turtles, and a house can be hectic when your dream
is to write. I now understand the difference between organized calm
and organized chaos...the secret is...medication LOL!!!
I steal every chance I can get to be at my computer and let my
characters free of their cell inside my head. I have no method or
insight on how to balance the writer's life. My house has what I call
'the lived in look'. There's dust bunnies living here that I've given
I believe that if a person wants to become something bad enough, they'll do anything to achieve it. If that dream is to write and become published, don't
stop. Keep writing, submitting and trying. I learn something new with every
novel I write. Not all my stuff ends up in print or on the e-market. Once you're
published, it doesn't mean everything you hand your editor will be liked. Even
the published get rejected so don't stop trying.
Before I go, I want to share something I received from my mother after her
passing. My mom loved Christmas. She lived in South Carolina almost her whole
life and rarely got snow. She turned her living room into a showcase for
Christmas. In her later years, she never took down the decorations, simply
shut the door, did the occasional dusting of the room and enjoyed Christmas
all year long. Here's a picture of her Christmas village which my daughter and
I set-up recently. It gave her joy and happiness and helped her celebrate the Christmas spirit.Hopefully, it'll make you smile as you drink your morning
coffee, make your Christmas list and start your day.

Thanks for letting me ramble
Enjoy your day.
Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


  1. Excellent point about even the published get rejected, Tara. Love the village!

  2. Hi Tara. I enjoyed your post. The Christmas village is a wonderful memory of your mother. As for writing, I do it every chance I get. And I agree. The dust bunnies can wait.

  3. Great post, Tara. I agree, if we want something bad enough we will find a way to make it happen! Beautiful village, btw. Wonderful to have memories of you mother.


  4. Love the village and love your mom's idea of enjoying Christmas all year. Your picture resembles the scene outside my windows. With more snow projected.

    Well said post Tara. In order to acheive something we have to actually work at it. Of course this time of year it seems to be harder than ever to stay focused!!

  5. Wonderful points about being published and being rejected.

    Beautiful picture.

    I wish you Happy Holidays!

  6. My parents have a "Christmas Village" set up in their enclosed sunroom/swimming area outside. It's been there for 23 years. They used to add to it every year until it nearly took over. It's smaller and more manageable now. And they just dust the "snow" once or twice a year so it stays white. I loved seeing the pictures of your mother's village. Your mom reminds me of mine. As for your post...I couldn't agree with your writing philosophy more!

  7. Hi, Tara.

    Enjoyed you post. The picture made me shiver, LOL It's actually cold here in Florida today--well our definition of cold, *grin*

    Love the village. I have one I began setting up several years ago and each year I add a bit to it but sometimes I set up a large spread and sometimes a small one. This year is the small setup. Depends on the mood but I never fail to find something new to add.

    Thanks for sharing.

    If anyone is interested bits of my village are posted on my blog:)