Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Intro: Sirena Van Schaik

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where everyone slipped into a friendship as easily as they slipped into the pages of a well written book; where no one felt the trepidation of an introduction. Of course, that first meeting can be exciting and today it is my turn to introduce myself to you.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm not the best with introductions, which is probably why I have spent the better part of this week wondering how I would introduce myself. Like everyone, I thought it would be best to start with my name, which is Sirena Van Schaik, by the way. But then I thought that that wouldn't really introduce who I am.

And, of course, it wouldn't give me the opportunity to ramble a bit as I shuffled across the keyboard. You know, it often surprises me that my chosen career is as a writer while the simple act of introducing myself leaves me at a loss for words. I think, however, that it is a comfort as well, to know that someone who writes a book, no matter how polished, is still simply human; even if she writes about the paranormal.

I believe that every dream can be captured and I was able to capture mine by becoming an author for the Black Rose of the Wild Rose Press. I enjoy writing, have spent the greater part of my life being drawn to the written word and have found a passion in paranormal romance.

While I have not always written in the paranormal genre, I have enjoyed different sub-genres of paranormal since I secretly sneaked my mom's collection of Stephen King from her book shelf when I was ten. From that moment on, I was hooked, if not on Mr. King's work, at least on things that lurked in the darker side of imagination.

Even more than things that go bump in the night, I enjoy the gray characters. The ones who have a sense of morality but still walk in the shadows. That is why it excites me to release my first book, Immortal Desire, with Black Rose in the near future.

So now that I have introduced my writing, I would like to close with a little about me. I am a full time writer and author who resides in Ontario, Canada with my two children and my husband of 11 years. I have a menagerie of pets and have even shared my office with a Bearded Dragon.

I hope to continue as a writer for years to come and hope that readers will enjoy slipping between the pages of my first book and all the ones to follow.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my blog at, and my website at In addition, you can find me on facebook and I am always happy to chat.

Who is Dayana Knight?

I am a writer of dark fantasy and erotic paranormal romance. I grew up with the written word and with the desire to write. At eleven years old I penned a romance novel in a spiral bound notebook complete with cover art I drew myself. I took journalism and creative writing in both grammar school and high school. I can't remember a time I haven't written in some capacity.

I have always thrived on the supernatural and the paranormal. My favorite things to do were things like touring old buildings, ancient cemetaries, deserted houses, and eerie mist-laden woods in the night. I grew up near New Jersey's Pine Barrens and thrived on legends of the Jersey Devil also known as the 13th Son. I loved going out for rides deep into the woods at night and just sit in the car with my adrenalin rushing and just this side of fearful panic *grin* We even used to venture out to an old abandoned insane asylum located just outside NE Philadelphia. Ask Jaclyn Tracy about this. She knows of the place too, LOL I personally loved the Blair Witch Experiment. Right up my alley of things to do, *grin*

I grew up with family stories of haunted houses and weird things that go bump in the night. I absorbed anything to do with vamps, weres, witches, Paganism, Wicca, etc. My favorite shows were Gene London and Quiggly Mansion(does anyone remember that?), Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, Night Gallery, Dracula Movies, American Gothic, Twin Peaks, Wolf Lake, Blood and Chocolate. Basically, anything with a paranormal format. I read early Victoria Holt Gothics, Anne Rice books, Laurell K. Hamilton, JR Ward, and many others I've forgotten over the years.

And finally, I am a Black Rose and a Scarlet author for TWRP. I am excited to be a part of TWRP and love being a part of the Black Rose line. For more about me you can find me at and, as well, facebook and myspace and of course, I twitter.

Thank you for the opportunitity to introduce myself and be a part of the Black Rose Blog. My available books are The Curse of the Marhime, Bestial Cravings, and Eternal Obsession, an erotic vampire story.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Line from Out of the Darkness

"A fairytale only ends happily because that’s the point where the storyteller stops telling the story. I’m sure even Prince Charming and Cinderella had a few quarrels after they got married, but that’s just life..."--Dr. Megan Harper. from OUT OF THE DARKNESS, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.

Thanks to my old pal, Bernie Delgado, for giving me the idea of posting a quote from my book online. He'll receive a free signed copy of the book when it comes out. Bernie, I'll be getting in touch to get your address, hon!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Intro: Denysé Bridger

Hello everyone! I am Denysé Bridger, and presently I have one book with the Black Rose line. On a personal note, I began writing at an early age and can’t recall a time when I wasn’t creating in some artistic form. My life has had several on-going love affairs that shape much of what I write, the American West, Victorian England, cowboys, a passion for pirates, Greek Gods, and Ancient Egypt. The other endless love affair in my life is Italia and all its magic, beauty, and dazzling culture. That passion spills into all aspects of my life.

My first major fantasy novel is AS FATE DECREES, was released awhile back, and is still available in bookstores everywhere, and on Amazon’s international sites. Not surprisingly, there’s a touch of romance included in the epic fantasy, of course! A visit to my website will show the diversity of what is currently available, and the mixing of genres and styles that will be employed in many up-coming projects as well. Plus, there are always free reads and extras to explore.

Sensual Treats Magazine:

BLOOD WINE AND PALE ROSES was my first Black Rose release, and I’m proud to say it was nominated as Best Short Book of 2008 at Long and Short Reviews, it finished a close second! I’m including the book trailer I did for it, to whet your appetite for more.... At present I am working on several new paranormal projects that I hope will find good homes with TWRP, one is a werewolf tale, more vampires, of course, and possible even a tale that will surprise a few folks with its setting and fantasy theme.... Stay tuned for more details!

Genre: Vampire Erotica Novella
Cover by: Nicola Martinez
Publisher/Buy: The Wild Rose Press

Eden Colbourne has spent most of her life pursuing dreams that never quite came true. Running from yet another failed relationship, she seeks solace in the familiar surroundings of England's countryside, and her art. Drawn to the remnants of the abbey, she spends her days sketching the face of a man she believes is a ghost haunting both the abbey and her heart. The reality is even more disturbing...

When Sean Rourke finally reveals himself to her, Eden discovers the ghost is a creature of myth and dark dreams. Turned into a vampire by the man for whom his wife betrayed him, Sean is tormented and lonely, and more afraid of Eden's power to make him love than she is of his nocturnal curse. It isn't until the ancient vampire who made him returns to claim Eden that Sean is forced to decide once and for all if he can let go of the shade of his wife, and permit love to heal what remains of his humanity...

Hi, my name is Dariel Raye. Folks know me as Pen on the boards. I live on the beautiful Gulf Coast (tropical storm country). This is my second publication, and my first with TWRP. It's an honor to be counted among the wonderful authors here at TWRP, and I'm looking forward to your comments about our anthology, Taming of the Wolf.

Raven, a sentinel wolf shifter, is captured and locked in his wolf form until Karen, a veterinarian, tries to tame him and unleashes a 6'5" baby blue-eyed surprise.

Dr. Karen Marshall is a veterinarian with a calling – save as many stray animals as possible. The only child of wealthy, yet distant parents, she’s convinced that love is not for her. Until…

Raven’s search for his twin sister leads him to Karen. Born into a rare species of wolf shifters whose main purpose is protecting others, he has always been forced to fend for himself, but Karen’s loving, protective nature draws him – and not a moment too soon. Together, they must learn to trust each other enough to overcome a new, deadly enemy.

I fell in love with my characters in "Raven's Shelter," and hope you will, too.

Introducing Louise Delamore

Hi, my name is Louise Delamore. I live way down the bottom of the world in little ol' New Zealand, home of Lord of the Rings and the All Blacks rugby team (beautiful scenery we have here).
It's great to be meeting all of you for the first time. I hope you'll enjoy reading my Black Rose debut, Human with a Twist, as much as I enjoyed fighting with characters.

Betrayal and a broken heart have made Zaralyn determined to avoid romance at all costs. A chance rescue outside a nightclub by the mysterious Gideon Nite challenges her resolution and her heart.
Gideon is attracted to Zaralyn from the moment he sees her, but how can he prove he’s worth trusting when he has so much to hide?
What starts out as simple attraction spirals out of control when it becomes clear their lives are in danger. Because nothing is simple – even Gideon isn’t what he seems. He is a human with a twist – one of those who for centuries have been misunderstood and labelled ‘Vampyre’.
How can she love a man who isn't a man at all, especially when a killer is marking them for death?

You can keep up to date with what's happening with me on my blog or website.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introducing "Dink," by Melody Knight

Hi, Everyone.

I loved writing Dink! This is the story of Polly and Jot. Polly is our heroine, an expert on werewolves. That doesn't mean she believes in them! Hers is strictly an academic effort, until she is called on to consult in a murder case. The serial killer mimics werewolf slayings, but suddenly Polly is at a loss. The murder scene is far too familiar, like a nightmare she can't quite recall. Suddenly, she can't trust anyone, including herself.

Jot is actually James Oberon Trask, well-liked by his friends and co-workers, but not open to commitment. He has issues, the main one being the way he reacts to the full moon. Not only that, but poor Jot has found his Were side has completely different rules for attraction from his human half. Too often, at that "time of the month," his thoughts stray to a well-turned haunch and the diminutive form of a shapely chihuahua. When he's not moonstruck, he's horrified by the thought. When Jot meets Polly, he's attracted at once. When she admits she's a werewolf expert, he knows he should run as fast and far as he can. Only, Polly needs him, and he can't keep away!

I wrote Dink as "Melody Knight." I'm new to TWRP, but not to paranormal tales. Some of you may recognize me from other places. I've been writing for 13 years, and have over 40 titles published, as either my SF/fantasy/horror side (N. D. Hansen-Hill), or as Melody.

"Dink" is my first TWRP release. Watch for it in December, 2009!

Regards, and best wishes,


Introducing Brenda Huber

Good morning everyone! I'm Brenda Huber and I write for the Black Rose Line of The Wild Rose Press. Bold, sexy Vampyre and intense, sensual Werewolves are right up my dark and spooky alley! My first book with the TWRP, Mine, is due to be released in May of 2010.

Becoming the object of obsession can be deadly…
Brilliant songwriter, Alexandra Sinclair, swore she’d never return to the predator-filled music industry. Yet when her life takes an unexpected tale-spin, Alex finds herself neck deep in the business once more. Unwittingly entangled in a world where mythological creatures of the night walk amongst mankind, she becomes the target of a serial killer bent on exposing the darkest secret of the one man she can’t resist.

In a world where Vampyre hide in plain sight…
Ancient Vampyre, Cole Gunnerrson—lead singer for the mega-popular rock band, Stolen Innocence, and reluctant recruit for the Vampyre Task Force—must identify and neutralize a Rogue targeting the music industry. With single-minded determination, Cole decides Alex is the exact lyricist he needs to maintain his cover, and the only female he wants in his bed. When the elusive killer turns his focus on Alex, Cole must face the truth. He’s lost his Immortal heart to a Mortal female. Now Cole’s engaged in the deadliest battle of his life. Will he decipher the killer’s bizarre message and save Alex before she becomes the next in a long line of innocent victims?

Here's an excerpt from Mine...

His hands were hard and strong—rough and impatient—as he crushed her to him. Desire rode roughshod over him, raw and insatiable, taunting him to ravish, driving him to ravage. The deep, dark voice in the back of his mind urged him onward, urged him to take all she offered, and give her more in return then she’d bargained for.
That voice of midnight urged him to give her forever.
Cole wrestled with the very idea, torn for the first time in his long life by the one thing he’d never before considered doing to another living creature. He hadn’t been given a choice when he’d been turned. He’d never sired another Vampyre, and always swore he never would.
Yet right now, the very thought of spending the rest of eternity in this woman’s arms was enough to render his personal morals inconsequential…enough to render her own wishes on the matter—her very ability to make the choice for herself—insignificant.
Fated mate or Vampyre. Either way, he’d be able to keep her forever. His Bride.
She moaned, the sound of his name on her lips drove all thought—what little of reason he’d managed to retain—from his mind. His fingers fisted in her hair, ruthlessly pulling her head back to expose the sweet flesh of her neck. His eyes glowed, dilated, focusing on the erratic throb of her pulse. His mouth opened wide in anticipation of the ambrosia he’d soon be savoring. His fangs stretched, long and lethal, demanding as they descended toward her flesh...

I recently signed my second contract with TWRP's Black Rose Line for the title, Shadows. I don't have cover art as of yet, but I'm on pins and needles to see what fabulous cover art Rae comes up with this time. Pop over to my blog for a blurb and excerpt for Shadows, and for upcoming events.

And now, a little about me...

First and foremost, I am the very proud mother of 6 yr. old Luke, and 4 yr. old (very soon to be 5 yr. old) Faith. They are truly the sunshine in my day, and my wishing stars at night. I've also been blessed with a supportive and understanding husband, Lee, who tolerates his suppers being late and his wifes tunnel vision. I recently joined my local Ambulance Services, and encourage any and all to support their own local Emergency Services however they can. Emergency Services are too often taken for granted.
From the time I was just a teenager and picked up my first Lindsey, I've always been a voracious reader. I was also fascinated with writing, and dreamed of seeing my name on the bookshelves of my local library and book stores. Now here I am, working with a truly fabulous editor (take a bow Joelle), and I consider myself so lucky to be numbered among the wonderfully talented authors in the Black Rose Line of TWRP!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Brenda Huber

author of Mine, available at The Wild Rose Press May 2010
and Shadows, coming soon to The Wild Rose Press

Check out the trailer for Mine...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Introducing J.A. Saare

Hello and greetings! It's wonderful to be included among such a talented group of authors. My name is Jaime, and my paranormal romance, Crimson Moon, has been contracted by The Wild Rose Press. It's an exciting time to be among the Black Roses. There is so much to look forward to, and so many books from each of you that I can't wait to read!

A little about me: I'm a stay at home Mom to four. I've been married to the love of my life for seven years. I enjoy reading as much as I do writing. And if I'm not at home working, you'll find me at one of our local pool halls, shooting a game of straight eight. Nothing relaxes me more than my McDermott cue, newly laid felt, and a regulation sized pool table. *smile*

Now, about Crimson Moon.

It's the first story I've ever written and will always have a special place in my heart. I never dreamed I would be offered a contract, nor that I would be able to share my characters with the world. It's surreal and slightly terrifying. I haven't gotten a release date as of yet, but when I do, I'm sure the excitement and anxiousness will continue to go hand in hand.


An average morning is what Emma Johnson envisions when she visits Joe’s Café for a steaming cup of coffee. But the world isn't the place she imagined it to be, and neither is she…

After Emma is rescued from a horde of bloodthirsty creatures, she discovers she is the daughter of a powerful Vampire from the House Deviard, her rescuer, Caleb, having been sent to see her safely home. For Caleb is also unique, a werewolf procured to protect the royal Vampiric bloodlines from harm - but nothing more.

Soon, the undeniable connection Emma and Caleb share evolves beyond attraction into something unexpected. When she is forced to make a choice, which path will she take - vampire or wolf?


We reached the hallway, and Caleb’s hand touched my shoulder. I spun around, misjudging the space between us and causing our bodies to collide. My left hand braced against his chest as my right scrambled frantically for his waist. Strong arms wrapped around my back, pulling me against the warmth of his body as I regained my balance.

A strange current passed between us, so quickly I assumed I imagined it. His body was as solid as it appeared, the muscles under my fingers remaining tight even as he relaxed. I took a shaky breath and forced myself to step back and look into his face, eyes finding and merging with his.

“I don’t bite,” he teased.

“How can I be so sure about that?” I teased back.

His lips lifted into a crooked grin and the effect made his face appear both younger and softer. I resisted the overwhelming temptation to touch the dark hair that once again framed his face, accentuating his amazing sapphire eyes.

I had never felt so drawn to anyone before, and I couldn’t seem to stop staring at him. It didn’t help matters that he was the most attractive person I had ever seen.

My sense of propriety returned and I cleared my throat. “I’ll be just a second,” I murmured, pulling my hands away. He let his arms fall at his sides and nodded, maintaining his lovely smile.

I averted my face before he could see the heated blush staining my cheeks, hurrying to the door marked Ladies. I waited until I was certain the door closed behind me before I lifted the coat to my nose.

It was definitely Caleb’s; I could smell him. The scent was warm and woodsy, reminding me of a forest meadow or empty field after a good cleansing rain. The enticing smell was oddly soothing, like a balm on my rattled nerves.

I shrugged out of the jacket, carrying it into the stall and hanging it on the metal peg screwed into the door. I finished relieving my angry bladder, making sure to wash my hands before using the rough recycled brown paper inside the half open dispenser to dry them thoroughly.

I lifted the leather jacket, bringing its heaviness against my face and nestling my cheek against the deliciously smooth silk lining. I breathed in the inviting smell one last time, smiling despite myself as I slipped it back on.

The bathroom door came open, and I glanced at the woman entering, flashing a friendly smile at her reflection in the mirror. A lopsided grin began to extend across her face and I whipped around.

I didn’t have the chance to scream.

She advanced on me quickly, pushing my body into the wall, one hand wrapping around the back of my neck and the other dialing a phone. The strong metallic taste of blood tingled in my mouth as my face made solid contact with unforgiving tile. I struggled in vain, attempting to push myself free, thrashing futilely.

“I have her.” She spoke in the same flat monotone Mike had used. “I’m off the interstate—”

The hand on my neck disappeared and I spun around, grasping my throat and coughing.

Caleb’s frame engulfed the enclosed space. One of his hands wrapped around the neck of the woman, lifting her several feet off the floor. Her red eyes rolled back in her head as she squirmed at the shoulders. He reached for her phone and she lifted it high above her head.

“Now, now,” Caleb growled.

He lowered her body toward his, bringing her face closer to his own. Her feet dangled helplessly above the dirty grout on the floor, coming within an inch of touching solid ground.

I jerked in surprise as he thrust her forcefully into the wall, causing something to snap. The phone slipped free of her fingers, clacking across the floor and resting next to my sneakers.

“Take it,” Caleb said, softening his voice as he addressed me.

My fingers were trembling as I bent down and retrieved the small metal phone, eyes focused on the woman Caleb held securely. Chunks of her blonde hair intermingled with bright red blood against the wall. She didn’t make a sound—other than the odd wet gurgling deep inside her throat.

Maybe she couldn’t talk. Caleb’s hand was large enough to encompass the entire circumference of her neck—and he was squeezing.

Thanks for sharing, it's great to meet all of you!


Introduction-Sky Purington

Hi Everyone! My name is Sky Purington and I write for The Wild Rose Press's Faery and Black Rose lines. Time-travel and sexy Scottish wizards were my thing up until recently. Now it’s all about the vampires! My first story, Darkest Memory, should be out sometime next year.

Here’s a little something about it…

Calah Arlington lands a career-breaking interview with billionaire club owner, Gabriel Knight. He instantly captivates her with his dark looks and mysterious nature. But all is not as it seems. Bizarre things begin to happen. How can she hear him speak when his lips don't move? Why does she so easily forget her own actions? Unfortunately, her questions are answered and the truth deadly.

Vampire, Gabriel Knight, would have waited a thousand centuries for Calah Arlington to come back. When she returns one stormy night he knows he must keep her existence a secret from those who would harm her. That he too, should remain unknown. Regrettably, fate has other plans. He is forced to make contact. Under the pretention of an interview he lures her to his estate to keep her safe from the enemy. However, he underestimates his dark desire for her. Now who will keep her safe from him?

Interested in reading an excerpt? Pop over and visit me at Don’t forget to swing by to learn more about an upcoming multi-author blog event I’m part of next month.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sheri Lewis Wohl waving hello from the Pacific Northwest, and most delighted to be here on the dark side of the garden. I’m big fan of the paranormal and love to read and write it. It’s probably not surprising that when I went back to school a few years back to earn a Master’s Degree, I chose an 1872 vampire story as the subject of my thesis. I was teased by friends and family alike for my choice of not only a vampire story, but a lesbian vampire story no less. Of course, I got the last laugh when my thesis was nominated for outstanding thesis of the year at the university. Vampire so rock!

By day, I put on one of my conservative suits and head to the office in the federal building in downtown Spokane where I’m the Financial Administrator for the federal court. I’ve been with the judiciary for going on 19 years and have to say I feel lucky because I like my day job. At night, I head north of town where I live near Long Lake with my husband, an almost deaf German shepherd, a rescued St. Bernard, and a rescued calico cat. As you might be able to tell, we’re big into animals and rescue. Our three children, Alli, Scott, and Chrissy, are all grown up though I’m not sure how that happened since I’m pretty sure I’m still only about thirty-five .

I’m looking forward to my first Black Rose release, Full Moon Rising. With two Faery Rose releases, this book goes a bit darker and more dangerous with love, passion, and a devil’s pact. On the other hand, if you like ghosts…take a peek at Bridge of Souls, my Faery Rose out October 9th.

And, that’s me in a nutshell. If you’d like to know a little more, swing on by my website at

Introduction ~ Mallary Mitchell

In 1954, a savage killer kept a small North Carolina town in a grip of terror. He left big tracks, a bloody trail and a hair-raising legend. Was it a bear? A vampire-cat? To this day, the creature remains a mystery.

Amy Hotz, Staff Writer StarNewsOnline.Com, Sunday, October 29, 2006

This is an actual story about a creature, or creatures, and has surfaced many times in North Carolina. The Beast of Bladenboro is a mystery and actually was featured on The History Channel’s MonsterQuest. Is this just the work of pranksters? If so, why does it keep coming back generation after generation? Is there something more to this story.

This story has always piqued my interest. As a North Carolina native, I’ve heard tales both in the news and from “old-timers” who have witnessed this first hand.

Back before the houses had underpinning, when there was no need for all the wires and plumbing, I saw it. It ran out from a barn, when it saw us there it ran. We all chased it but it went up under a house. I wasn’t about to go after that thing unarmed. None of us were...

This was a tale that drew me in, and my upcoming Black Rose release Endangered plays around this legend.

Nate never intended to fall in love with Cassie. He never meant to face this decision. When he returns from his assignment, he knows she’s the woman he loves. While she’s aware he was part of her mother’s research team, she isn’t aware he was the research. Now it’s time to tell all. She must know what he is, but will love be enough to compensate for all she must relinquish to be his mate?

I’m Mallary Mitchell, and it’s a pleasure being part of Black Rose.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing Isabel Roman

Afternoon all! I’m Isabel Roman and I’m a sci-fi loving, movie watching, occasionally paranormal, mostly spicy romance writer with way too many ideas and so little time to write them all down. I’m addicted to NCIS at the moment and just watched the season premier last night…but that isn't what this blog is about. And I won’t digress. Promise.

I confess: I’m a geek. I recently went to the Franklin Institute’s Star Trek exhibit and enjoyed every second of it. I faithfully watch the History Channel (and History International and the Military Channel and yes I know that’s a Discovery offshoot). And about that NCIS addiction…but I did promise not to digress. Maybe another time.

Okay, okay, I once thought my alter ego was Jane Austen but now I know it’s an Israeli Mossad liaison officer with the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. What? I have issues. I know this. I embrace this. It’s a way of life.

I’m a big movie buff and have a thing for historicals. Last year I finaled in The Wild Rose Press’s Got Wolf? contest. I know I took a chance in setting my werewolf story in 1934 Germany, but if you think about it, what better time is there for hiding who you were? My wolfie story, which is what I called it until I came up with an actual title, Shadow State. Big author confession: I suck at titles! Really. My first story, forever to remain unpublished at this point, I literally called Title.

Shadow State, however was a great story to write, very fast, very fun, and very interesting. But the title itself took a long time to come up with. I researched a lot about the Nazi’s, but not typical World War II research. Mostly Hitler’s rise to power within the Reichstag, the German version of parliament, and how his policies changed the day to day life of Germans. If you wanted to stay in Germany, if you wanted to live, from 1933-1945 you had to cooperate with the Nazi’s.

My wolfe clan has their own form of government specific to their culture. So in essence they're a shadow state. This story revolves around a look into their existence by the Nazi's. And if there was one group of people you did not want invading your secret government, it was the Nazi's!
I'm looking forward to writing more for the Black Rose line.
Where to find me (email) and my books:
website, blog, facebook, twitter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the road to redemption is a bumpy ride... M. Flagg

The habit was hundreds of years old… An absentminded glance in an empty mirror as the vampire ran firm brittles back and forth over even, white teeth. But this time, he stared in disbelief. A cloudy image peered back—one that hadn’t been seen in centuries. High cheekbones, straight nose, square chin and strong brow were unmistakably his. Leaning into the mirror, Michael couldn’t see his eyes clearly, but it was his reflection, something lost the night he’d been turned. The one thing that sets me apart from humanity, he thought, one thing that should be lost forever. The image fascinated, but also frightened. One more secret I must keep from Alana—for now.

~ Retribution! The Champion Chronicles: Book One

Hello to my fellow Black Roses.

I’m very proud to be among such fine writers of the paranormal! My friends call me Mickey; my family calls me Michele. So as not to confuse either, I write as M. Flagg. By day, I’m a vocal/general music teacher in an urban school. After many consecutive hours of talking, teaching, and singing, I prefer to shut my mouth and just write in the evening.

My children, Richard and Kara, are both in their 20s. They’ve shown nothing but love and support for their strange mother. I started writing fiction three years ago after muddling through a difficult divorce, finishing a second masters, and starting a diet. Consider me blessed because that thesis won a prestigious award, I dropped 40 pounds, and went on to sign two contracts with TWRP. Then I was blessed again with a goddess of an editor (waving hello to Callie Lynn)!

Like many of us here, I’m an animal lover. We’ve always had cats and dogs in our home. When our seventeen-year-old tabby cat died, I was heartbroken. My daughter, who still lives home, has a sweet JRT and she works for an animal hospital. Last November, an abused five-week-old, bright orange Main Coon had been brought to the vet’s office and abandoned. He’d been thrown head-first into a dumpster and needed extensive surgery. Needless to say, we now have a one-eyed, handsome fur ball who only likes to bite my ankles and run.

My first novel was released in March 2009. Retribution is about a sensual vampire who seeks redemption. The second book, Consequences, follows said sexy vamp on the bumpy road to salvation. Of course, he couldn’t possibly succeed without the woman he will always love at his side. Inheritance, which will continue his story, is just about ready to be queried. This October, look for my Free Read, Friday the Thirteenth.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Good Morning! Tamelia here. I'm excited to announce my latest Black Rose will be released October 28. Just in time for Halloween!

Here's a sneak peak into Rana's plight in Seducing the Night.

Rana Cartwright wanders into The Voodoo Den for one reason and one reason only. To seduce and kill the man she used to love. In order to save her son's life, she must destroy the vampire who sired him. There's only one problem. She soon realizes that she never stopped loving him.

Alexandru Milkos has lived a tormented existence since he was turned six years ago by an elder vampire. He lost the only thing that ever mattered to him. His fiance', Rana. Now, six years later, she is back. Though his love for her never wavered, he senses she has a deadlier motive than a simple reunion. But what concerns him the most is the shameful secret he's harbored for the past six years, for it could turn Rana away forever. If he lives long enough for her to find out about it.

Watch the book trailer here!

I wish you all a wonderful Halloween!!
Please drop by my website and sign up for my monthly newsletter. Thsi month's prize will be a copy of my latest e-book Seducing the Night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sandra Jones--An Introduction

I was so pleased to be invited to contribute to the Black Rose Blog. Paranormal and gothic romance are two of my favorite subgenres. As a student in school I remember how I hated literature until our teacher introduced us to Poe, Mary Shelley, the Brontes, & Bram Stoker. Works that were supposed to be morbid and creepy, I found romantic and beautiful.

Inspired by those dark, atmospheric romances, my first Black Rose title will be released in 2010. It's a werewolf story in the unusual setting of Arcadia, Greece. Here's the back cover blurb from Midnight Cravings:

Audrey has a job most people only dream about, visiting exotic destinations. But her new assignment, writing a review of a remote villa in Greece, exposes more than she’d bargained for—the handsome locals are really murderous werewolves, and worse, her steamy Greek lover is a lycanthrope with Midnight Cravings.Commitment-phobic Audrey wants nothing more than to prove her worth as a journalist in rustic Arcadia. Then she meets Stephon, a charming local, and wonders if she’ll be able to put the past behind her and learn how to say “yes”…to everything.But looks, money, and sex appeal mask an ancient evil. Beneath the quaint facade of the village, a curse as old as time keeps Stephon from giving his body—or his heart—to anyone but his true mate. Because when the moon is full, the cravings begin.

Look for Stephon & Audrey's story in January. I'm excited to announce that my current story, Wish for the Moon, was released on Friday! It's a Gothic time-travel romance from the English Tea Rose line. Set amid the ancient castles of Wales, Druid magic brings together a tarnished knight and a sheltered woman whom he must protect from his enemies. But who is really saving whom?

I'm looking forward to blogging here in the future! Visit my website for an excerpt of Wish for the Moon.

author of Midnight Cravings, coming this January from The Wild Rose Press
and Wish for the Moon, available now from The Wild Rose Press

Skhye Moncrief & The Occult

Who would have thought something about Freemasons, Druids, alchemy, time travel, dragons, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, seers, shamans, magic, and more could be woven into one series destined to ensure history remains as it has unraveled? That said, it's absolutely imperative that everyone understands how each of us may be a Time Guardian. You just don't know you're one yet. After all, how else can you explain that all-consuming attraction that draws you across the room to a person--that sudden ache of nothing more than what most define as lust? If you haven't read about this type of soul mate, you'll probably realize that little "something" metaphysical ushering you into the arms of a stranger is more than the urge of the civilized individual's self control. Don't run from it. Don't fear the taboo. Submit to The Call...

A war wages among the Gods. Two Celtic orders in the future intermarry to safeguard the timeline. Paradox is but a stolen heart away. Open the door to a new reality where legend becomes history and destined love defeats timeless evil.

Whether you're looking for a tale that traverses the tightrope of time where King Arthur was a time-traveling shape-shifting dragon or your hero preference is a shape-shifting Native-American shaman, you'll definitely find something to read with Skhye's TIME GUARDIANS series housed snugly in WRP's Black Rose line. And don't forget the were-assassin heroine of Skhye's novella THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON when you're looking for a shorter read.

Formally educated in geology and anthropology (bioarchaeology), an education that lends itself to worldbuilding, Skhye Moncrief pushes the envelope writing cross-genre paranormal romance--both light and dark.

"Arthur is a masterpiece..." HE OF THE FIERY SWORD's King Arthur ~Diane Mason; The Romance Studio

"FORBIDDEN ETERNITY ... spine-tingling suspense. The story is dynamite; it explodes off the pages and leaves you breathless for more." ~Tulip, LASR

{An anthology containing:

“THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON offers the best of spine-tingling suspense. The setting is perfect... Moncrief’s ability to wield magic and emotion are without compare. Her words twist together emotions and visuals until you experience this tale as if the trap were set for you. Some lines blend a kind of poetic magic: “Moonlight wove a special kind of magic, a spell so vacillating that a person never knew if reality were anything other than a dream.” Darkness and premonitions and deadly intent fill these pages... a unique blend of mystic Medieval Gothic and romance…and a true blood-curdling thriller. 5 books" ~Snapdragon, LASR

Hop on over to search for new reference material at SKHYE'S RAMBLINGS. ~Skhye

Purchase any of Skhye's tales.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Erotic Shapeshifters are my style

Hello and welcome to the Black Rose author's blog.
I'm Tara Nina and I live to write shapeshifters with an erotic flair.
My last release with TWRP was the first in a werewolf series
titled Blue Moon Rising. Hopefully within the next few months the second
in the series Night Ranger's Moon will be released.

Missing children, werewolves and a mysterious castle in the swamps of South Carolina test Rae Richardson’s version of reality. Strange things happen around her convincing her that maybe werewolves do exist. The sight of a large black wolf in the swamp only fuels her overactive imagination. Crossing paths with a handsome man ignites a fire in her soul she refuses to acknowledge. Something about this stranger raises her suspicions. Did he have a hand in the children’s disappearance? Or was it the over-powering need in her gut to be near him the reason for her mistrust?

Nick Anthropos is on a quest, one that does not include saving children or meeting the woman of his dreams, his Lykoian soul mate. Her scent teases his senses and keeps him on edge. It’s obvious to him she doesn’t know her true self. But can he teach her to be the wolf he knows lies within her soul and save her from the very creature he set out to destroy? If he fails she would be lost forever.

Lykoian’s get one chance in life to bond with their soul mate forever.
Failure is not an option.


Introducing Tricia Schneider

Hello! My name is Tricia Schneider. I'm a new author of a Black Rose short story in the editing stages with The Wild Rose Press. I've been reading romance since my early teen years and I've been writing stories all of my life. During my years of writing, I worked as an Assistant Manager in a bookstore for about six years. The time I spent there taught me a lot about the book industry that I might not have otherwise discovered. It also gave me access to customers who I'd always hoped might one day be my readers. A valuable experience that I will always treasure.

When I gave birth to my first son, I decided to step down from my position at work and become a stay-at-home mom. My son gave me the motivation I needed to chase after my dream of one day getting my stories published. In fact, it took me three years to see that dream a reality. On the day of his 3rd birthday party, I received an email notifying me that my story was accepted at TWRP. What a party that turned out to be!

Now I balance life as a wife, a mother of two toddlers, a part-time bookseller, and a paranormal romance author. It's been an exciting ride and I look forward to what the future brings. Other than that, I love to travel, cross-stitch, research my family geneology and read everything I can find. I enjoying talking about books and everything paranormal. Halloween, one of my two favorite times of year, is right around the corner. I'm already gathering material for my son's costumes. Although my oldest can't decide between dressing as a vampire, a werewolf, or batman. Hmm...tough choices.

Visit me at or you can friend me on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Stop by, I'd love to chat!

Introducing Jason Barret

Hi, Jason Barret signing in here on the Back Rose Blog. My writing is about as far from my real life as one can get. When writing paranormal it allows me to escape my world of facts and figures and create new worlds and situations that defy science and logic. The trick is to make them appear to be logically constructed and not defying of science so readers will accept what I'm writing as a part of the real world.

For years I was a Laboratory Director where I cultured and identified bacteria. There, I would leave the world of man and peer into the microscopic world, searching for the trait that would identify my adversary. Currently, I work in the macro world of construction, measuring tons off rock and earth, reading blueprints and ensuring that the job goes as planned. I've got some pics of my current world on my site, check out my "Summer of 2008."

Now on to my writing. I signed on with The Wild Rose Press a while ago and was very fortunate that they liked my book and agreed to publish it. Dead Or A Lie, a contemporary vampire romance, is set in New York City and later in upstate New York. In Dead Or A Lie I create a world that allows a new genre vampires to exist without being blood thirsty or evil but still trapped in the world of darkness while hunted by their violent brothers. It is our heroine's fate to save these gentle beings and our hero's task to see that she lives long enough to do it!

Stop by my site for more info about me and Dead Or a Lie,

Thanks again,


Vampires? Impossible! Lee Teadora lives a solitary life since the onset of a potentially life threatening allergy to the sun and the death of her parents. As night Security Director of New York Medical, Lee spends night after endless night watching uneventful images on her security monitors, hoping something exciting will happen. Be careful what you wish for Miss Teadora! While visiting her father’s grave, she is attacked by what appear to be vampires, and despite her training in the martial arts, she is about to die at the point of their dagger when suddenly and inexplicably she is set free. As she drives away, a shadowy figure watches from afar. “Be careful, my Sacrosanct. Heed the warnings of your mother, ‘Beware of the creatures of the night.’ I will not fail you as I did her. You are my love… no…not my love, my duty.”


She gripped the keys tighter, all the while cursing herself for doing so. When they reached the door she turned, and when she did, their eyes locked. His dark eyes again drew her to him and she saw no threat. In spite of the closeness of the foyer and the shadows that now surrounded them, she loosened her grip on the keys. First, allowing them to dangle with her pinky through the key ring, and finally she slipped them back into her pocket. For this moment, the battle was over. “It’s been a wonderful evening, Lee. I hope we can do it again.” He paused and she saw his eyes grow vacant again—like when he looked out the window at the sea, but this time he was staring into the depths of her eyes—her soul. I wonder what he’s thinking. Is he afraid to make the first move? Oh, to hell with it. She leaned into him and her hand rose to his cheek. He didn’t retreat—didn’t protest. Instead, he turned and gently kissed her fingertips. Lee let her hand slide to the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He smiled as she gently played with his long hair…

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As Close to a Vampire As One Can Get

Hello and Welcome to my World!

I'm Linda J. Parisi. And yes, it's true. I've been as close to being a vampire as you can get, and I didn't even need fake fangs! As a labratorian for much of my life, I worked for over twenty years in a Blood Bank and have seen my share of night shifts. So I guess that counts towards a couple of pre-requisites.
My fascination with vampires began when I fell in love with Frank Langella's Dracula. I can still see the haunted humanity in his gaze, I still shiver when I think about opening my neck to those lips. But for years, paranormals were the step-children of the romance genre. So I put away my vampires and started working on their exact opposite--The Nobility. A race who sometimes struggles with the concept of being noble.

"In the beginning, there were two. One twin Evil and the other Good."

One sip from a meteorite-infused pool of water created the Nobility. And an Ancient Evil bent on revenge. That water has the ability to turn a human into a Noble, an ability certain to cause death. It is forbidden to be used by the Nobility’s most sacred law.
Tamara Duncan has just been made into a True Noble
and left with no memory of her former self. Nicholai
Valentin accuses her of trying to kill his brother and
destroy his House by using the Water. Is she part of a plot, or simply a pawn in something bigger than either of them can imagine?
Together, Nicholai and Tamara journey a dangerous path to seek the truth. Along the way they find deception and revenge have pitted House against House with a deadly purpose. As they try to find out why, they find out that trust is more than a five letter word. And they find strength in each other; a strength that will lead to love and more than they ever bargained for.

I can't think of a better place to be than here at Black Rose. I can't think of working with a better editor than Lill Farrell and if you all hang on just a little while longer, we're working hard on the sequel to Noble Blood. It's Alexi's story
called Noble Heart. Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite:

What was he driving at?
All of a sudden, Elena looked at him.
She saw the torch light dance in the midnight
of his hair. She saw the tiny laugh lines around
eyes that told her how much he truly valued life,
in spite of his careless attitude. Against her will,
her head moved closer to his. The sounds of the
party faded. Her heartbeat sped up, racing wild
as the wind. She could smell the spicy tang
of the desert mixed with his scent and a warm
glow grew in her belly.
Was this desire? True desire? If so, no words
could ever describe the sensation.
This was how a man teased a woman. But
shouldn’t she be trying to seduce him?
Did she dare?
How far could this go before one of them stepped too close to the fire?
His gaze caught and held hers. She’d never made love before.
They started walking. As soon as they were far enough away, Elena
whirled and threw her arms around his neck. Alexi’s mouth opened
in surprise and she took advantage. He groaned and his arms
tightened about her like two steel bands. His mouth engulfed hers.
His tongue ravaged the inside of her mouth sending shivers up and
down her spine. All of a sudden, he tore his mouth away from hers.
“I’m not a toy,” he reiterated, his anger like daggers.
Tears flooded her eyes. She’d insulted him again. With a heavy heart,
Elena realized she couldn’t learn everything from books.
They certainly hadn’t prepared her for a man’s wounded pride. Or
for a Noble pride. With a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach,
Elena knew the truth.
It was time to leave.
I hope to see you all some time soon. And remember, we love the chill with the heat. That's why we're Black Roses.

Barbara Edwards and her writing

About Barbara Edwards and her writing

I’m Barbara Edwards and I live in New England.
This is fertile ground for writing paranormal. For example, this is the location of the first verified vampire grave. I could go on about haunted light houses, graveyards and buildings, but I’d rather save that for my books.
My husband, (a retired police sergeant with absolutely no belief in the paranormal) and I live in a Victorian gothic built in 1872. We’re remodeling the interior and keeping the exterior as close to original as possible. The single ghost is a quiet spirit.
I love antique roses and am trying to establish a garden with old-fashioned perennials. It is a sure source of relaxation for me.
We’ve been Civil War re-enactors for several years, fighting for the Confederacy with both the Third Florida and 12th Georgia.
I’ve written historical romance and romantic suspense, but have found my niche with paranormal romance. The Black Rose line is a wonderful source of the stories I love to read- dark, suspenseful, intriguing- and write.
My book Ancient Awakening is a Black Rose at The Wild Rose Press.
Ancient Awakening by Barbara Edwards Finding Rhodes End Book One

Blurb: Police Officer Melanie Petersen is the only one who believes a suspicious death is murder. By disobeying direct orders from the Rhodes End Chief, she risks her career to follow clues that twist in circles to her backyard and lead the killer to her. Her neighbor Stephan Zoriak is a prime suspect. While working for a major pharmaceutical company, he is exposed to a dangerous organism that changed him. He suspects he is the killer and agrees to help Mel find the truth when the deaths continue. In the course of their investigation Mel and Steve find more death and continued distrust that make them wonder if love can defy death.

“Don’t touch me, Mel, not unless you’re willing to do a lot more,” he warned as her hazel eyes flared golden.
“Don’t threaten me, Steve. You’re…”
He pulled her into his arms despite the alarm bells clanging in his head.
Danger! Danger! Danger!
Her widened eyes met his. Mel’s hands were trapped against his chest, but she didn’t push him away. Instead, her fingers curled into his shirt.
Her mistake. His mistake was to crush her mouth under his.
Mel’s soft lips parted. Need exploded. The taste of black coffee didn’t hide her sweet flavor. As her tongue tangled with his, her arms slid around his neck and her fingers burrowed through his hair.
Steve hungered to peel the starched shirt off her soft shoulders, lay her on the thick turf and ease his desire. He tasted her brows, her cheek, along her throat, seeking the source of her call. Her pulse whipped under his mouth, awakening another need.
His teeth gently closed on the vulnerable vein.
He wanted, wanted, wanted…
Cold alarm chilled his pounding blood.
Steve gasped for air. He’d forgotten his own ironclad rule. Mel’s eyelids flittered open to reveal the molten glow of desire but he forced himself free.
He had no right to touch any woman. Not until he knew he hadn’t become what he had set out to destroy.

For more information, visit me at for Barb'Ed Comments

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Introducing Karilyn Bentley

Hi All! My writing name is Karilyn Bentley and I'm really excited to be here as one of the Got Wolf? authors. This is my first time in print and I'm really excited, if you can't tell. :) My story is "Werewolves in London", London, Montana that is, and features Vonda, a sexy werewolf, and Tom, a rancher whose daughter has been kidnapped. Together they save his daughter and learn a bit about themselves in the process. You'll have to check it out to find out what that bit is. :)

When I'm not writing, you'll find me busy at work as a clinical research coordinator in an oncology clinic. I am blessed with a wonderful hubster that cooks, two partially psychotic dogs, who presently have been lulled to sleep by rawhides, and some fish whose numbers are dwindling rapidly. They're old, in case you're worried. I live in the great state of TX where the temps are in the upper 70s with rain and us Texans are shivering in our boots. :)

I'm looking forward to being here! If you'd like to reach me, my email is

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing Author RENEE WILDES

I'm a new author at TWRP - finaled in the Got Wolf? contest last October. I hail from WI, and am a WisRWA member who's married w/two kids, two horses and a cat. In my EDL I work full-time for Tricare, have a son in flag football and a daughter who figure skates, and we volunteer every weekend at a local animal shelter. I love to read, scrapbook, and watch the PBR on TV. My favorite shows are Eureka, Castle, Bones & NCIS. I'm currently mourning Patrick Swayze - I bawled all the way through City of Joy, which is a fantabulous movie!

I love reading and writing fantasy and paranormal, because I love to wonder what else is out there. What hides in plain sight. I've met so many extraordinary people in my life, who were more than they seemed, who pulled off the impossible, that it was easy for my imagination to just take it one step farther. I'm a HUGE Joseph Campbell fan, and I love mythology. Those who create their own mythology truly are magic!

Shapeshifters are my favorites, which is why I entered the Got Wolf? contest. To be able to walk in two worlds, to combine animal instinct with human reason & emotion, sets up all kinds of potential for internal and external conflict. The modern world clashes with the natural world every day. We go out into the wild to decompress. Autumn's especially great for this, cause here in WI we get all the pretty colors. But I wonder sometimes...Ever look into a critter's eyes and wonder what they make of all our chaos? Do they laugh at our folly or weep for it? This is the theme of my novella, "Marek's New World."

Where to find me and my books:
website -
blog -
I'm doing a book signing in Racine WI Barnes & Noble Saturday 11/7/09 from 1-3 PM and another one in Wausau WI Waldenbooks (Mall) Saturday 11/14/09 from Noon-2 PM.

Faith V. Smith Introduction

Hi, I'm Faith and I have one book out with The Wild Rose Press on the Black Rose line called Kensington's Soul. It is the first book in theBound By Blood, The Legends series. The second book, Dunbar's Curse will be out March 2010. I love writing about vampires who have heartsof gold, and heroines who can give as good as they take.

Kensington's Soul-- available now from The Wild Rose Press

Four centuries ago, a spurned lover damned Lord Zachary Kensington to eternity as a vampire.

Convinced no woman could love the beast within, he concentrates his attention on the quest for redemption. He now stalks evil in the 21st century, working as a police detective. His job puts him up close and personal with Dr. Miranda James when she is carjacked. The sensual doctor captures his heart, but before he can claim her as his, Zacke's past comes back to haunt him.
Miranda James falls hard and fast for the seductive Detective Zacke Kensington, but the closer she gets to him the more elusive he becomes. His mysterious air grates on her nerves and when she discovers him kissing a beautiful woman, Miranda is devastated.
Tables turn when ex-lover and vampire, Gabriella designates Miranda as her next meal. Miranda swears off of men while Zacke vows to stop Gabriella's vindictive murder spree before she turns Savannah into a city of carnage.

Dunbar's Curse -- Coming 2010 from The Wild Rose Press

A Vampire with morals and a

Doctor who's afraid of monsters.

Dr. Hope Morgan is having erotic dreams. The man who makes her burn with desire is only a figment of her imagination—or so she thinks until she meets him at a party. She fears she is losing her mind and flees the handsome stranger but finds she can’t get him out of her heart. Miles is over four hundred years old. A bit long in the fang department to fall in love. But when the child he once rescued grows up into a beautiful and sensual woman he can’t keep his heart or desire under control. He moves Heaven and Earth to protect her when Hope’s life is threatened again, but wonders who will protect her from him.

Please come and visit me!

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Introducing Catherine Bybee

Ohhh another new blog to play with! Yeah… I’m yet another Black Rose Author, my name in my paranormal world is Catherine Bybee. I’m super excited about my up and coming titles with TWRP. Last year I submitted one story at the time of the Got Wolf contest and ended up with two contracts in the end. Yep, two… Why two? Well, my first story, Before the Moon Rises, stars a man~werewolf Max Ritter and the woman who captures his heart, Janet. But Max’s brother, Richard really had a story of his own that needed to be told. So soon after I wrote Max’s story, Richards was drafted, honed and on Callie’s desk.

Sometime in 2010 these stories will be available to download. I’ll go ahead and post my newly drafted and I’m pretty sure I won’t get yelled at for posting it blurb for Before the Moon Rises. LOL I’ve not been given a release date, but by my estimates I’m thinking by summer of next year.

After a twelve hour shift in a busy emergency room, Janet O’Brien is beat. When her last patient comes in unconscious and naked, she’s lead to believe he is a psyche patient off his meds. Once he wakes, however, Janet is taken back by his million-dollar smile and agrees to give him a ride home.
Max Ritter notices the sassy nurse when he wakes after a night of a full moon. Unfortunately, his arch rival is drawn to Janet as well. In order to keep the sexy nurse out of harm's way, he keeps her close at hand. When the chemistry between them sparks, Max discovers a whole new reason to keep Janet safe.

Look for Richard’s story, Only for You, later next year.

Where can you find me? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Lets see… I tweet, facebook and myspace. I love to
blog and often do it video style. And of course I have a website: I’m soooo not shy so come on over, pull up a chair and lets chat.

Thanks for droppin’ in. I’ll yak at ya around cyberspace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beth Caudill Author Introduction

I’m Beth Caudill and I write paranormal (and fantasy) short stories. I have one Black Rosette, Informally Yours, available at TWRP. While I enjoy reading vampire stories, my writing muse has not seen fit to give me one as a hero. Most of my characters are shapeshifters. At one time I wanted to be a veterinarian, so I’ve always been fascinated by animals. But that whole don’t like the sight of blood thing got in the way.

What animals do you write about? Well I’m glad you asked...while I’m partial to wolves I also have ideas for tigers, snow leopards, lynx, owls, seals, and dolphins. That covers the land, sea and air but let us not forget the imaginary creatures either: dragons, griffins, unicorns and pegasi. Like many other new writers, I have lots of ideas and very few finished stories. My new motto, with the kids in school, is: Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard. I hope to finish my first novel by March next year. You can find out more about my stories on my website at

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jaclyn Tracey, Eden's Black Rose

                               Good morning. I’m Jaclyn Tracey, author of, Eden’s Black Rose.

I would like to begin by thanking the Wild Rose Press, Black Rose Line for inviting me here. I write paranormal romance. My first book, Eden’s Black Rose, will be released soon, right Callie? If I cross my fingers much longer I won’t be able to type!!!

Callie Lynn, my dear editor, I love you. No ifs, ands or buts. I’m so looking forward to this winter… and trust me, I’ve never said that! Snow—frigid temps, nostrils frozen with that first inhalation outside, purple fingertips falling off your hand right before your eyes into the snow, your eyeballs trapped behind icicles…. I could go on and on. Give me 90* or better any day of the week. Major tangent there huh?

Back to my book:

            Eden's Black Rose is a paranormal romance taking place in London 1896.

Dr. Serina St. James is a young enchantress with hidden powers she'd like kept that way. Walking home from the morgue, her place of employment, she inadvertently wishes for a man to show up on her door stoop, alive, in one bloody piece, betrothed to no one and interested in anyone other than himself for a welcome change.


Serina finds out the hard way it's not so much what you wish for, but moreso, how you wish for it, when a young man gets delivered to her door ravaged and left for dead after a vampire attack. After years of hiding her powers from the witch hunters, Serina is faced with a choice, use them or lose the one man that can make her dreams come true.

Decisions, decisions....


Lucian St. James is not your typical heir to the throne, wanting nothing to do with it until the option is stolen from him. Awakening in a bloody carriage with a gorgeous green-eyed beauty buried within his loins, a small curl to his lips forms. 

Doing what, he wonders?


Lucian finds out fast all things are not as they seem. Lies have been told, family members murdered, and now Lucian and Serina find themselves in the centre of a macabre plot to knock out all the heirs to the throne, beginning with him on his honeymoon.

In November 04’ after my team went home without another ring in the World Series, I began reading to take up my spare time. Television? I’d absolutely had it with reality shows. This fall is gonna be different. Go Yankees! And Jeter and Moe and Jorge. I could go on. I won’t.

Callie found Serina floating around in cyberspace and gave her a home. And while she whittles away further at her, I have the sequels, Eden’s Sins and Eden’s Charms completed and submittedJ I have two other books I’m currently dividing my time between. Eden’s Enchantment and an erotic story along the same lines, Eden's Forbidden Love.

Okay, me! If I must… I’m the mother of two of the best kids on the planet. Caitlyn lives in Delaware and goes to Wesley College. And of course she despises her major. Wants to change from business to psych. Can’t blame her and can’t afford her either. Let’s hope the books sellJ Christopher goes to SCCC, a community college. This spring he’ll have his Criminal Justice degree. And of course, he wants to switch majors as well. Why not, right? My husband of 23 years designs digital mammogram machines. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had one similar for prostate cancer detection?

Sorry! Just had my mammo. Shout out to all you ladies, it only takes about 10 minutes to get it and I swear to God, your boobs re-inflate after a few hours. It’s not that  bad. Get it done, please! Save the ta-ta’s.

I am a registered nurse. I work in a community of caring people that daily try to make the lives of the mentally handicapped better.

That’s all folks.

Jaclyn Tracey

Hello from a Got Wolf? Author!

I'm Helen Hardt, and I'm thrilled and honored that my werewolf story, Blood Wolf, is among the Got Wolf? winners. It will release October 9 in a two author anthology with My Lord Werewolf by Ria Ellis. If you love Alpha males, you'll love these wolves!

I'm an attorney and stay-at-home-mom turned romance author. I met my real life hero in law school, and come November, we'll celebrate twenty years of marriage. We have two teenage boys and we make our home in the beautiful state of Colorado.

I'm currently published in the Scarlet and Cactus lines at The Wild Rose Press and am excited about my first Black Rose release. I also write for Ellora's Cave and Aspen Mountain Press, and I do some freelance editing on the side. Writing has been my dream since I learned how in first grade. Nearly forty years later, I'm finally doing it! My non-writing interests include Harley rides with my husband, attending my sons' sports and music performances, and taekwondo (I'm a blackbelt.) Please visit me at and I'd love to see you!