Thursday, January 7, 2010

About Organization

Organization is good any time of the year, but do you think more people are inspired in January to think about this and implement changes? Perhaps it’s the fresh, starting over state-of-mind, part of New Year resolutions.

We all have to organize our workspace in our own way, of course, because what might work for someone might not work for others. Oh, how personality comes into play.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of history. Above my computer I have a couple of rows of bookshelves built into the wall. I have my research books there, which cover many eras of history. To the far left, are titles on the Romans. Next is a research book on the Anglo-Saxons, then the year 1000, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Elizabethan history, the 18th, then the 19th century, with Victorian history on one hand and the old West on the other (I live in the Western part of the United States), and onto the 1920s and through to the present, all in chronological order. I ran out of room for my books and so have to store some. If only I had room for more books.

Behind me, I keep my historical romances in a bookshelf, not in order of the author’s last name, but rather in chronological order according to setting, from the Stone Age to the near present. Shows you how I think, I guess. Some people might just toss their books randomly onto their shelves or file them according to title. It really does depend on what you’re comfortable with. And history is my thing. In the grocery store, if I hear the total: $18.37, I say, “Hey, that’s the year Victoria ascended to the throne of England.” You get the idea.

As far as organizing my time, I work at a school during the day and write and edit at night. I usually just look at my list of things to do and tackle one at a time in order of importance or what has to be done first.

Promo is not my thing. I probably don’t do enough because I don’t enjoy it, so others would a better choice of someone to discuss this with.

Well, I suppose that’s it for now. I hope you find all the time you need to do everything that makes you happy, and I hope you find the perfect way to organize that will support your success.
-Corinne M


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  2. I agree. I think everyone wants to make a fresh start in January. We want to start the new year fresh but sometimes, life has other ideas. Or the daily grind gets in the way. But you sound way more organized than I am, so maybe you stand a better chance of sticking with those goals you've set for the new year. But here's to hoping we both accomplish great things with our writing in the year to come!

  3. So what does it say about me that my books HAVE to be organized by height? I will turn off a movie get up and reorganize them if I notice one of the boys has put something out of place?????? Diagnosis? Prescription? something chocolate please....