Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you have psychic ability?

I’m truly curious about how many authors can claim psychic abilities. I’m going to be on a panel addressing this area and woke this morning wondering if I have to admit I have some psychic talent.
It’s like rattling my closet skeletons. I’m so nervous. People will think I’m weird. I’ll be pointed at on the street and have to move or change my name. Boy, am I going off on a tangent.
Writers are the most accepting people in the world. We understand what makes people different and value all the quirks. It all adds to the characters and plot we create.
I use psychic abilities to round out my characters, but it’s usually a secondary part of their personality. Annie knows her child is threatened. Rachel senses her twin’s feelings. That’s recorded and researched ability. Lily sees auras, but not on everyone or even when it will reveal the villain.
I don’t share those talents, but I do know how it feels to have that unexplainable episode occur. I am puzzled, even confused. For a minute I question why the people around me didn’t see or hear that ‘other’. I always have a lag time. My reality has to accept the unreality as real.
Confusing? Oh yes. I think my mother had a talent, too, but she died young and I didn’t know enough to ask. She always explained to me that it was all right. I remember once waking from a vivid dream of a recently deceased person who grabbed my arm. I had a finger pattern of bruises on my bicep. Mom said I was the only one she could reach and to pray for her soul. Scary now that I look back.
I have vivid dreams that sometimes do come true. I also dream my story before I start writing. Along with a few other things I didn’t mention.
Let me know what you think. Do you use psychic abilities is your stories? Do you have one?

Author Barbara Edwards is a featured panelist at the RTBookReview Conference in Columbus, Ohio April 28 – May 2, 2010
The panel is named PSYCHIC AWAKENINGS: Walk through the light of hope, healing
and love. How does psychic awareness develop characters, add layers to your story and provide that wonderful happily ever after?
PANELISTS: Barbara Edwards, Elysa Hendricks, Jade Lee, Melissa Lopez, Susanne Saville, Elissa Wilds


  1. I write paranormal as well and have created a whole town around those that can be explained and even those that can't. I am an empath. There is no doubt about it. And it can overwhelming and hard to explain. Sometimes I put a shell around that makes me seem cold or aloof, but in reality I am protecting myself. I also read tarot and oracle cards and am uncanningly accurate. So yes I have them...yes I believe in them...even the ones that others don't. My characters can put their emotions into the food they cook, or dampen the emotions of others...and on and on. Good luck and you are going to do great.

  2. I believe in psychic abilities 100 %. I too consider myself an empath, but sadly the power only hits me with an illness, death or an accident. I am for lack of a better description, suffocated with a sadness or urgency. I was in Disney last year crying in the middle of Mickey's parade for reasons I couln't explain. I got home to find my friend had a aneurism and my aunt passed away. The dreams are my hallmark. I have remarkable vivid movies in my head every night and some do come true. My dad also had a few gifts. I spoke with psychics a few times and they've told me I should develop my gifts. We'll see. Good luck to you in Ohio in April.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    I believe we all possess "special gifts" in one form or another. A hold-over from when it was harder to survive, I think. Some of us allow them to develop while others stifle them. (Much as some gifted pianists or artists use their talents and others become secretaries or plumbers.) I have been blessed with strong intuition and moments of precognition when danger will strike. I often use these "special gifts" in my writing.
    You are going to be super at RT.

  4. Hi Barbara! I love writing about psychic abilities, but do I believe in them? I think I do, though I'm not sure I've ever witnessed them. Realistically, though, humans use so little of their brain power. There's got to be something more we can do :).

  5. I believe everyone possesses a 'sixth sense' of one form or another. I've had too many strange things happen to me that I cannot simply laugh it off as coincidence. In fact, I don't believe in coincidence. There's too much out there in the world, in our brains, that remains unexplained and unexplored for us to say with any certainty that these things can't happen.

  6. Hi Barbara!
    Had to put in my two cents on this topic and I completely agree with Brigit/Faerylvr. I too am an empath, I dont' like crowds mostly because I get too much at once. I'm always 'on', I'm perceptive to body language and facial expressions in people and in animals. Sometimes it's weird, others not so much. Like Brigit, I find the Tarot to be uncannily accurate and I use it frequently for my writing, my characters and myself. It comes as no surprise that I'm drawn to the paranormal side of the romance genre more than any other. I believe that no matter how hard humanity has tried, there are still elements/occurences that just cannot be explained, quantified or measured, they just are, and some of us are simply more receptive than others. :)

  7. I believe in psychic abilities, too. I've been told I'm a sensitive. I don't like crowds. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed to the point I want to run screaming. I try not to put myself in that position. I'm also sensitive to my pets. I can tell if they are starting to not to feel well before they show symptoms. The vet is always asking me how I knew. I've had ghostly visits and one that gripped my arm and left an impression. (It happened at work and really freaked out one of my co-workers.)

    My father was like that, too. He could sense what people and animals were feeling.

    My Grandmother would have dreams that came true. Most of the time it was when a love one was going to pass away. We'd always tell don't dream about us. lol

    I love this topic! I think you'll find a lot of people do.