Saturday, January 30, 2010


   Organized ~ Schmorganized


Clutter ~

makes my heart flutter.

My desk a mess?

I must confess,

Sometimes yes.

I’ve been buried alive,

Yet no matter how hard I strive

To clean up this crap

 and get my life back

The cause is lost,

Tis like peering though a window covered in thick frost.

As I dillydally and carve patterns into it with my nail,

Behind me, breathing down my neck is a mountain of unopened mail.

The path before me is a maze,

My mind... clearly trapped in a daze.

I’ve lost my keyboard and my mouse ran away

It’s like searching for a needle in a stack of hay

I’m not much of  a fan

Of coming up with a daily plan

I’ve read all the blogs,

Hoping to clear some of the fog

But alas ~ I’m left all alone

To grip, grumble and moan

I’d love to find the time

To do something other than this silly rhythm

But tis not meant to be.

Not today, not tomorrow

Anyone have any suggestions I can borrow???

Help me... (squealed the voice from the movie, The Fly)


On a joyous occasion, my first book, Eden's Black Rose, is now available to pre-order as an early bird special through the Wild Rose Press :)




  1. your so creativeeeeee :)

  2. Congrats on the release. Fun poem!

  3. Nancy, thanks for hopping over from FB. Nice surprise.
    Moochie~ love you. stay safe and off the roads. They don't know how to drive in the south w/ flakes covering the roads.
    Beth and Emma, thanks. It's about as creative as I've been lately. Swamped in other areas of my life I really need to make some lists , check 'em twice, and move my ass:)
    As for my new release~ oohlala!

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!! Great post, Jacke! and so very true.


  5. Hi D~
    Good morning. Thank you. and sadly, it is true. And with that said, I'm off to work~yes, on Sunday:(
    Hope your day is spent hanging with Bea basking in sunshine and rolling in the grass (her, not you:)

  6. ROFLOL... I loved that. And late congratulations.