Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Me organized? Let me see if I have any crazy habits that just might work for you.

1.) I must possess every book that has anything of value, including a table or graph. One would think I could just photocopy that page... And, yes, value is in the eye of the beholder. But finding a great reference book is like striking it rich with a gold mine. Buy them. Neatly stand them somewhere. These books are your friends and springboards to your imagination. Or I need therapy.

2.) I've had wicked migraines for at least 4 months. They come and go whenever they please. But I find if I just rise before the 4 year old and write/revise until she wakes up to toy with me for 12 hours, I actually get something done before the headaches set in. My productivity has only begun to creep along since the new year. But the system is working for me.

3.) I store all my really wonderful research links on my blog or website. :) People like to find them. So, if you post the links in an organized fashion, people will come. And I don't have a million bookmarks. Just a website/doman to keep paid in full.

4.) I blog about my reference books because we have hurricanes tear through the Texas Gulf Coast (down here) and I want a detailed list of what's on my shelves. So, I blog about my treasured research library whenever I have the time. With my migraines, I've kind of slacked off on the posts. But I do have quite a list--everything from geology to cultural history, science, and writing books.

5.) You don't have to do as much laundry or prep for public display if you plan your errands all on one day each week--kind of the only way I can avoid really bad migraines instigated by trips to town. The rest of the time I can just hang in my jammies and write. Or rework scenes in my head until I can write when my 4 year old is asleep. ;) My alphasmart keeps me working on a wip when I'm waiting on my 4 year old to finish her science or art class. I haven't managed to type up a scene while waiting in line at the post office like I hear some writers do. ~Skhye

Skhye's books

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  1. Skye, You took the words out of my heart with Number 1, as I told my DH. He flatly stated that I just needed the therapy. I told him I needed more bookshelves. Going to a bookstore with you would NOT be safe!! LOL

    And yes, your site is an amazing storehouse of reference material. BTW, did you read the National Geographic article on the Egyptian mummification of pets and sacred animals? Fascinating. I think it was a fairly recent issue (doctor's office reading material) if you're interested.It shows a picture of a mummified cat on the front cover.


  2. As a migraine sufferer for years, I understand your pain! They do get better with age though...and having a hysterectomy helped. lol! Mine were mostly hormone related...and sleep related. Now, I only get them when REM sleep is interrupted. You're still young and you have a four year old. So, good luck with not having your sleep interrupted. But at least you have a good reference library for your writing!And a great attitude to get through the pain. Besides my Rx meds I try to avoid, I keep a supply of Excedrin Migraine on hand. Works well for me.

  3. Hi, Julie! I was at a booksigning with some other Roses (Emma Lai for one) who got mighty miffed at me for finding them all reference books. Just call me an enabler. But don't we all need more reference books? Emma too! She sure snatched up that book on Russian history...

    Emma, read above. *snort*

    Lilly, oh I feel for you. I had no idea what migraines were. Apparently, I have a high tolerance for pain. The lack of sleep for 5 years most likely has caused my fibromyalgia. I'm just falling apart! Anyway, the fact I get to possess all my reference books sure helps me sleep better when I do! :) The only pill that works on my headaches is Tylenol Sinus PM. The AM does nothing. ???

    Thanks for chatting! ~Skhye