Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Message for Wendy

A Winter Ghost Story

Years ago my sister met a young man. He was kind and sweet, and they had a good relationship. Then tragedy struck and he was killed in a freak accident. They buried him in the town cemetery not very far from where she still lives. Though years have passed, he was always a fond memory. She's a grandmother now several times over.
Years later, one sad day after the burial of a family member in the same cemetery, one of her grandsons had wandered off through the headstones. It's a small town and small cemetery, so a quick call brought the little fellow back...but he had a message..."That man over there wanted to tell you hello."
"What man?" she asked.
"That one over there." The child pointed, but no one was there.
"Who?" She looked around. The crowd had thinned.
He took Wendy's hand and led her to a far corner, to the headstone of her friend.
"I don't know his name. He's gone now, but he was standing right here."

There have been many other odd incidents over the years. All of them leave you with an odd feeling. My parents' house has to be one of the creepiest places to be alone. The doorbell rings. The toilets flush. You hear footsteps. And just when you think you've imagined it all some really odd thing happens, like objects disappearing and reappearing... I almost want to call in paranormal investigators then I think do we really want to know the place is haunted?

If you're ready for a "ghostly tale" check out --Dangerous Hauntings by Jo Barrett.

Dangerous Hauntings

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