Friday, February 19, 2010

Romance Throughout the Year

I have to say once again, my husband and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not that my husband isn't romantic. He does some really sweet things throughout the year. But he doesn't see a reason to spend extra money just to celebrate a day made up by the card industry.

And over the 11 years of our marriage...I've learned this isn't a battle I want to fight. The day doesn't mean so much to me. He remembers birthdays and our anniversary. Randomly picks up flowers, chocolate, or ice cream just because he knows I'll like the treat. I think those things mean more to me than if he did it on a day everyone else got the same treatment.

I will sometimes make a special dinner (usually seafood or steak) and give him back massages. Simple things that we can do for each other that doesn't require paying for a babysitter for the kids or fighting crowds. I think I prefer having little things throughout the year than a big splash on a single day.

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