Sunday, February 7, 2010

romantic gestures

Hello, everyone, well, it's that time of year again, Valentine's. I thought i'd just talk briefly about romantic gestures, bringing up some questions to consider. What was the most romantic gesture you made for your partner or your partner made for you? People can get pretty creative when it comes to this.

Is it the little things that are the most romantic or the grand gestures? And the something more romantic if done on Valentine's day or an anniversary, or on a random day of the year? Maybe that doesn't matter.

What would impress you, and what would impress your partner when it comes to doing something romantic? Well, just things to think about.

I wish you all a very happy Valentine's day.
-Corinne MacGregor


  1. To me, the most romantic gestures are the ones that show a man cares enough to listen. Years ago, months before my birthday, I'd made the comment that I'd like to see a play or go to the theater. My husband made jokes. But then for my birthday, he surprised me by getting tickets and taking the children and me to a play. It wasn't the play I wanted to see--The Emperor's New Clothes. Nor was it at the theater I had in mind--The Raleigh Little Theater. But it was a play. And it showed he cared enough to listen. I love it and him all the more for the effort he put into trying to make me happy. Very romantic!

  2. I think that sometimes the things that are non-romantic like washing the dishes, helping the kids with the homework, filling the car with gas. Those little things that point out day to day that you matter and are appreciated.