Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sweet February

Having been born in the month of November, I have often wondered why poets, writers and songwriters have been so in love with the month. Okay, right now you are probably wondering why am I talking about November when it is only February. Well, the first reason is to give you a hint that there are only 9 more shopping months before my birthday (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), and the second is to illustrate that sweet Novembers really have nothing on February. I mean, if any month was going to be sweet, shouldn't it be this one. It is, after all, the month of love, filled with kisses, love and the sweet whisperings of desire. While I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day, I know for me, February has been very sweet.

First, there was the weather. The January thaw, if you live in cold climates or more specifically Canada, was postponed to the first few weeks of February. It was as if Mother Nature was giving us the warm sunshine to make our hearts glow with the potential that Valentine's brings. Then there was the holiday itself, when my kids gave me their valentines, their faces bursting with pride at their homemade gifts.

Of course, February was an amazing month for me as a writer. Deadlines reached, finally! And my first book feels like it is coming closer to being completed. In fact, I received the cover in February and we agreed on an excerpt. I was so happy about it, that I raced to the computer and created a book trailer. So, while this isn't all about love, it definitely ties in to how sweet February can be.

Book Trailer for Immortal Desire:

Here's to a sweeter March!



  1. Sirena,
    Best of luck with your book Immortal Desire. It sounds fabulous. Your trailer for the book is awesome.

  2. Thanks Jaclyn. I'm looking forward to seeing it out and I'm glad you liked the trailer.


  3. Love the book trailer. Very haunting!