Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

How strange is it for a romance author to not like Valentine's Day? Don't get me wrong. I love "love." But ever since elementary school and the pressure of making cards for those special someones in my life, I've dreaded Valentine's Day.

Fast forward twenty odd years and I get a marriage proposal at the end of January. We wanted to get married quickly since it was a second marriage for both of us, but I wanted to leave enough time to find a nice dress and for any family members who wanted to make the trip to come. Two weeks is what I decided it would take. Low and behold that's Valentine's Day.

Does anyone know what the likelihood of finding someone to marry you on Valentine's Day two weeks prior to the day is? Unless you go to Vegas and get lost in the masses, it's not very good. Besides, Valentine's was on a Monday that year and what fun are Mondays? So, we decided on the following Friday.

It was a great little ceremony. We were married by a magistrate named, Ernie Irby. He wore a double-breasted navy blue suit with a red bow tie. A true southern gentleman. We said our vows in the living room of our loft overlooking downtown Richmond, VA at 10:30 a.m. His dad and stepmother flew in and acted as our witnesses. I found a beautiful ivory dress with the slightest of trains embroidered with gold roses. (It was unbelievably on clearance for $40 from $120.) My dear husband wore a gray suit and his ever-changing eyes were the brightest, clearest blue I've ever seen. (Maybe with the exception of the recent birth of our son.)

We had a lovely dinner that evening at a local steak house with the friends we had made in the city. The next morning we took a trip to Williamsburg, VA with his dad and stepmom and I got a picture of hubby in the stocks. Seemed appropriate. Then it was off to Florida for a lovely honeymoon in the sun.

So, what's the point of all this? Make Valentine's Day yours. A reason to celebrate love can be found or made.


  1. What a lovely story! I'm actually not a huge fan of Valentine's Day - too commercialized. But you're so right, if you make it uniquely your own, it's very special.
    Hope your anniversary is as wonderful as your wedding day sounds!

  2. Thanks, Cate! Every anniversary has been great. This is the fifth, but we got our gift early...our little boy! :)

  3. Such a romantic blog. Happy Anniversary! And the baby boy sounds like an absolutely perfect gift! ;)


  4. Thanks Jaime! He's definitely a doll!

  5. It's definitely mine. My husband's birthday is Valentines Day... :) Thanks for sharing. The gown sounds like a steal. ;)