Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Promo

Hello everyone, and good day to you. Promo, hm, there are many different things to do for that, of course, but some things suit certain people better than others, and for various reasons. That was great advice given in that last post.

I like to make little book trailers for my work and have fun putting them together. Those can be put on blogs, websites or You Tube. It can be hard finding good pictures you can use though, or music, but sites are available.

Another thing I have fun with is making my own book marks. I put something together on the computer with little book covers on them, print them and laminate them...nothing fancy at this stage for me.

Word of mouth is good, and harder for those of us who are a bit quiet in person, but it's a good thing much is done online nowadays.

Some people spend money buying advertisements. I'm sure they see results. That's not an option for me right now, so I can't tell you personally.

Another thing I'd like to mention is libraries. My sister works in a library and got hers to buy my book. Also, I contacted my local library, and they agreed to buy three copies.

Well, whatever you decide to do, why not make it something that's fun for you? Good luck with your efforts.
-Corinne M.

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