Monday, March 8, 2010

A needle in the haystack

There are so many books out there, both good and bad, how do you chose what to read next?

My TBR pile is about hip-high, I've got recommendations from freinds, books I've jotted down after reviews I've read, and authors I've heard are similar to others I like, plus there are my library books -these do get pushed up the priority list as the library wants them back :)

I've got some books that have been sitting around for years waiting to get read, and others that get gobbled up as soon as they're in my greedy little hands.

So how do I choose? Favourite authors get priority and I keep an eye out for any promos they're doing so I know what's coming out. After that I think it's luck of the draw and mood - oh, and (shallow as it sounds) pretty covers help.

When you're shuffling the cards, and tossing the dice in July trying to choose what to read next, I hope you'll give 'Human with a Twist' a try :)

So, how do you choose what to read next?

--Louise Delamore


  1. Favorite Authors come first. Any ongoing series come next. Then recommended reads from friends or authors I know. Last I'll decide to read a genre or just randomly pick something from the library shelves if I'm desperate. I haven't been desperate for a while. I now have 3 stacks of TBR books to wade through.

    Recently I had an author friend and a best friend recommend the Harmony series by Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz). I'd read the Arcane histories and contemporaries...the'd been okay...but I'd never gotten around to the futuristics. After two unrelated recommendations, I finally read them. I got the first two books from the library and then couldn't wait for the rest of the I bought them online.

  2. Favorite authors & ongoing series get top priority. Then it's pretty much word of mouth or just whatever catches my eye.

  3. Favorite authors, series, and sometimes i just close my eyes and pick one!!!

  4. A cover and blurb usually get the first 5 pages a looksee... If I can't find any story goals, motivation, or conflict in the first 5 pages, I usually won't read a story. Worldbuilding ALWAYS gets my attention. But you've got to get me to yell at my 4 yr old to stand still so I can look inside a book to pique my interest!!! That means, covers are serious marketing tools with me. :)

  5. I don't have a set way to choose a book. I do have yearly re-reads (or every other year) that I have to read. From there it's whatever catches my eye or what I'm interested in. Right now it is the classics that I haven't read and books that my kids are reading so I can keep up with them.

  6. Ooo, yes I've got re-read too.
    Those go to books that call you back time and time again.