Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I feel totally unqualified to blog about promo. Most of what I have to say today is like that advice given when you were younger: do as I say, not as I do.

With that aside, here are some promo tips:
Get business cards/bookmarks. Pass them out to everyone you meet.
Get a website. Not just buy one, but create one people can go to.
Get a blog. Have better luck blogging on your blog than I do on mine.
Get an email account. The one I have was a bit extra when I bought my web page address, but has my name all over it so therefore is well worth the expense.
Go to booksignings. Pass out all those bookmarks you had made.
Check with your local RWA chapter and see if they have any events coming up that you can either talk or sign books at.
Figure out something you are good at and write a talk for it. Then put out a shingle with "will talk for free promo" on it. Frankly, this one gives me the chills. The only thing that popped in my mind when it was suggested was: I'm only good at telling people to go to hell and having them enjoy the trip. I doubt anyone wants to sit for that lecture. :)
Donate your book to your local library. You might not make any money off of it, but you might pick up some new fans.
Get a Facebook or MySpace account.

Hope some of these helped!


  1. Sounds like you have it down to me!

  2. I'm totally with you on the blog thing. Apparently the 'Blog Gods' aren't aware of my existence. I'll make you a deal: I'll post on yours and check in from time to time if you'll do the same for me? (You might have to send me the link). Hang in there, we both know it gets better! :)

  3. Guess I should attach a link, huh? Find me at:

  4. Karilyn, I enjoyed your candid chat. I feel the same way.
    Tough to talk about something you're just learning. A good line of BS goes a long way :)
    I like Autum's suggestion about blog hopping. I think the more exposure the better chances everyone has at creating a fan base.
    I'm in if you guys want to come aboard. I gotta tell ya though, I don't get many people. They all hit me up on FB and say they don't know how to leave comments. Frankly, the little boxes we have to decipher get me too. Anyway, great post.

  5. Hi Jaclyn!
    I've added your blog/website to my favorites. I'll try to check in frequently!

  6. I love the go to hell and enjoy the trip comment!