Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

If you're a Christian, then today was a special holiday. Easter. So, I’d like to take this time and space to wish everyone a Happy Easter. And for those who do not celebrate Easter, I’d like to wish you Happy Spring!

The weather in North Carolina was beautiful this weekend so my youngest daughter (the twenty-year-old) and I spent a girls’ weekend at the beach with some friends. Daddies, husbands, and boyfriends were not allowed.

I took my lap top and a book but I didn’t get any writing done, and I barely cracked the spine on the book. But I had a wonderful time. We ate more than we should have, and I got way too much sun. I even learned something about myself as we were coming home.

I can let go and let my daughter drive on Interstate 40 without back-seat driving. But I have to put the seat back and close my eyes to do it.

Now, if only I can master letting go of some of my other control issues so I can relax and get some writing done this spring!


  1. There are times I'd really love to let go. But hubby does his own thing and the kids aren't ready to do their own thing. (ie, they'd eat ice cream and candy for breakfast lunch and dinner.)

    Glad you got to enjoy the sun.

  2. Hey, there are times I wouldn't mind having ice cream and candy for breakfast. lol!